Stair Railings

A Bit of Everything You Want to Know About Stair Railings

Stair railings are not just a mandatory addition to a staircase anymore – it’s a part of the interior or exterior of your home, farm, office, etc. There are thousands of crazy stair railing designs people implement to make their dwelling and working places unique. And there is a lot to know about railings if you think of your own project.


Basic Stair Railings Installation Process

To install a basic staircase railings system, you will need to:

  • Install the half-newel and newel posts.
  • Measure the length of the railing, make the marks including the cut angle, and cut the railing(s).
  • Install balusters or whatever you have instead of them (cable, rope, glass panels, etc.)
  • Attach the railing(s) by fitting it to the fasteners on newel posts.
  • Fit a handrail cap if any or do final touches to the stair railings.

This process of stair railing installation can be alternated according to the design you choose and the materials you use. For example, our technicians at Art Metal Workshop always warn not to cut the “railing” if it’s made of glass. You should also think twice before trying to cut an iron railing yourself without any supervision.

The Meaning of Hand Rails for Stairs

Handrails are an important part of stair and railing design, as they guarantee both safety and good looks of your staircase. They are always made graspable in terms of the measurements stated in the Ontario code, so whatever your design is, it will be convenient to use.

You can make all the difference by installing a set of unique handrails when redecorating the house. Choose a color that would make an accent on it, like painting it gold or red in black-and-white interior design. Or make it unique with inserting some LEDs under a frosted glass handrail to give it a futuristic sci-fi movie like look.

Design Ideas for Modern Stair Railings

  • Paint the balusters, making a gradient from the top to the bottom one.
  • Install glass panels to make the staircase look more transparent.
  • Choose a modern metal construction – ask our Art Metal experts for help.
  • Combine wood and glass for a contemporary look.
  • Try making your staircase spiral and install some curvy railings.
  • Add silver and gold accents to the balusters and handrails.
  • Use cable railing to make the staircase look minimalistic.



Stair railings were made into art by people who want their houses to look unique. You can add a couple of accents to create a new contemporary design for you. The implementation of any idea is possible if you ask our specialists for help.

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