Oleg Gorlov ( Art Metal Workshop )

Oleg Gorlov attended over 20 various trade, home, and building shows during his welding career. Not only to find new customers and meet other trades, but to share valuable knowledge and experience, ideas, and of course, learn something new. More than 10 international and domestic conferences on welding and metal manufacturing have become a part of Oleg’s professional baggage.

Unveiling Oleg Gorlov: A Journey of Passion and Perseverance

Oleg’s journey started around 25 years ago when he stepped into the welding world with minimal experience. But in 2003, he started Art Metal as his own company out of pure tenacity and a desire for success. He began by running the company by himself while also working as a welder, installer, and estimator. As time went on, his son Yevgeniy joined him in the business, and eventually, other family members joined the group as installers, welders, and estimators. As the anniversary of his first task under the Art Metal brand draws near, the business is getting ready to commemorate 20 years of expansion and achievement.

Oleg’s tenacity and commitment are amazing. His dedication is demonstrated through a moving story from his early career. Alongside him when he began working in the workshop was an experienced pro named Fred who had devoted more than 20 years to the trade. Despite the difference in their hourly rates, Oleg’s salary climbed by more than twice while Fred’s remained unchanged over three years. This exemplifies Oleg’s unrelenting quest for greatness and his laser-like focus on realizing his objectives.

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Applying Experience to Blog Development

The widespread idea that success necessitates abundant riches or powerful connections is dispelled by Oleg’s inspirational path. It demonstrates that having a strong will to succeed along with natural skill and astute business judgment are the keys to success. Oleg embodies the saying, “A talented person excels in everything they do.”

Having Oleg as the author of Art Metal’s blog reinforces the credibility and trustworthiness of the information presented on the website. Not only is he a skilled writer, but his expertise and achievements in the welding and metal manufacturing industry have been acknowledged with numerous awards and appearances on TV shows.

Awards and Accolades:

  • Honored for Outstanding Contributions to Welding and Metal Manufacturing;
  • Recognized for Excellence in Blogging and Informative Writing;
  • Featured on Renowned TV Shows for Welding Expertise;
  • Celebrated for Two Decades of Unmatched Dedication to Art Metal;
  • Praised for Sharing Invaluable Knowledge at International Conferences.

With Oleg Gorlov at the helm, our company and blog continue to grow rapidly and reach new levels. Now our blog is a valuable resource for many people. When writing texts, Oleg puts his soul, experience, and a huge baggage of knowledge into them. Therefore, in the blog, you can find valuable and verified information that will help to perfectly design a plot near the house and the interior!



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