Power Gates

Solar Power Gates: The Benefits of Automatic Access to Your Residential Property

Technologies never stand on the same place, moving forward faster than we can imagine. Years ago, using solar powered constructions for practical reasons was a myth, but now we can use it even for power gates. This option has lots of advantages that allow you to save money and the environment.


Pros of Using Solar Power Gates

  • No extra costs,yet works 24 hours everyday.
    Solar energy accumulates in the panels, which allows you to leave the automatic access to your driveway switched on 24/7. No additional payments for electricity are needed for that, which is another money-saving factor.
  • No power outages.
    Residential areas often suffer from power outages that can happen due to the weather conditions of Toronto or due to other reasons. If your fence is run by solar energy, you can be calm about the security of your home at any given moment.
  • Lower installation cost.
    Automatic gates running on solar energy can cost you way less than usual automation, considering usual sliding gate prices. Our Art Metal Workshop experts say this is especially beneficial for those who need to cover a large area and have no access to electricity from there.
  • Friendly to environment.
    By using solar energy for your power gates you also decrease the carbon footprint of your house, making the environment a bit more clean. It’s a very good point considering all the pollution we create by producing more carbon to the atmosphere.

Residential Use of Power Gates on Solar Energy

Even though automatic sliding custom gates were initially used to secure commercial areas, nowadays they are widely used in residential property protection. Electric gates make it easier to enter the property, sliding doesn’t take much space, making your front gate look more minimalistic. Such gates are also difficult to go through for intruders, so the level of security also elevates greatly. Besides, if you use solar energy to run the construction, you will get security 24/7.

Automatic access systems can be used to secure a house or a farm: in the first case you will be able to let your vehicle in easily; in the second case you can use it as an automatic head gate for cattle.


To Sum Up


Power gates run by solar energy will become a great step towards a more secured house and a safer environment. Art Metal Workshop specialists are competent in installing any type of construction, using the experience gained after more than 8,000 projects done. We haveautomatic gates for any property, of any design, color, and size to fit your taste.

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