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 Tips on Choosing the Best Fence Gate in Toronto

When you start shopping for a fence gate in Toronto, you’ll quickly discover two things. One is that there are many types of them available, and the other is that each seems to be a good choice. So, which type of gate should you choose?

The best way to make a right decision is to compare the pros and cons of each and determine which would work best in your particular case.


Fence Gates: Metal Vs. Wood Vs. Vinyl

The most important difference in fence gates is the material, so this is what you need to focus on.

  • This option is rather affordable and can look very attractive. However, even with the advanced treatment solutions, wood isn’t a particularly long-lived material, so it will deteriorate within 15 years at the most.
  • This is definitely a great option as some metal varieties can be weather resistant. For example, aluminum gates and fences are impervious to rust, lightweight, and can be painted any color you want. Galvanized fence gates look very stylish and are resistant to weather damage as well. There is also a wrought iron option that would look magnificent and can be ‘enhanced’ with wooden (or metal) inserts.
  • Vinyl fencing and gates are long lasting and come in various styles and colors. However, they aren’t sturdy and not particularly cost-efficient.

As you can see, metal is the best option if you want your fence gates to last and look good for many years. We at Art Metal Workshop will be able to ensure that your gate meets your particular requirements in regards to style as we can create custom fence gates of the highest quality.

What’s Different About Installing Fence Gates for Driveway

No matter what type of fence gates you choose to buy, you should bear in mind that they must be installed by professionals, as this is the only way to ensure they work perfectly for years to come. This is especially important when it comes to driveway gates as this construction is larger by default.

It’s always the best choice to have your fence gate installation performed by the same company that produces the gate as they would be able to handle it in the most efficient manner.


Buy the Best Industrial Fencing and Gatesin Toronto


At Art Metal Workshop, we provide not only residential but also industrial fence gates of any type. When choosing these systems, be sure to consider the security, durability, and automation levels. Remember that large industrial fence gates must have sturdier hardware to make up for the extra wear-and-tear they would be subjected to.

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