Interior Glass Railing

3 Reasons Why Interior Glass Railing Is the Best Choice for Home

Installing glass railings indoor is one of the best decisions you can make in regards to interior design. This type of railing is highly cost efficient and reliable, especially if you opt for tempered glass that is almost impossible to break.

The main reasons that explain why these systems rock include:

  1. Indoor glass railing is safe for kids.
    Due to the building safety regulations, glass railing MUST have very small between sections, so a small child wouldn’t be able to fit their head/leg/arm into them and get injured. These systems are also easy to clean and sanitize, so you can ensure they don’t become a cesspool of harmful bacteria.
  2. Glass railing fits into any interior.
    At Art Metal Workshop, we can createinterior glass railing systems of any design. They can be futuristic, classic, ornate, etc., to fit the general theme of your home. You can also buy frameless railing that would have very few non-transparent parts. This kind option would look equally good in any kind of room.
  3. Interior glass railings need very little maintenance.
    Glass doesn’t require any special treatment except for regular cleaning, which is rather easy. As the railing is installed indoors, you won’t have to worry about elemental damage, so you can choose frames and hardware made of any material. However, if you opt for aluminum, you won’t have to invest in maintenance (coating/painting) at all as it’s rust-proof.

Custom Interior Glass Railing Systems for Your Dream Home

Today you can buy interior glass stair railing, a decorative/practical fixture to divide the room, or railing around an indoor pool in dozens of designs. Every Toronto resident should be able to find the perfect option in our catalogues. However, if your property is truly unique and you want an original railing system to match, you can always get one custom made for you.

To do this, you’ll have to provide a picture of the style you like. Use an image found online or your own sketch, just be sure to explain your exact requirements in detail.

Indoor Glass Railing Cost in Toronto and the GTA

Glass railing, interior AND exterior, isn’t the cheapest option, but its durability and low maintenance make it cost-efficient. You also need to consider the fact that the look of this fixture is truly unmatched.

Interior railings designs are one of the most important factors that determine the price of the system. Another essential consideration is the size of the fixture as railing costs are usually measured in dollar per linear foot.

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