Balcony Railing Design In Toronto

Steel Railings for Balcony: Types and Styles

Steel balcony railings are stylish, affordable, and durable. But this system will be all those things only if you choose it right. To buy the best steel balcony railings in Toronto you must understand which materials and designs to choose for maximum safety and efficiency.

Stainless Steel and Glass Balcony Railings: Beauty and View


Combining metal and glass creates a modern, bordering on futuristic, look. However, there are some designs of these railing systems that wouldn’t look out of place even with an 18th-century building. It all depends on the style of posts and handrail you pick.

Stainless steel glass balcony railings offer some unique benefits. First of all, it’s the best system to use if you want to have a clear view. Large glass panels protect the enclosed area from the wind, allowing for a cozier atmosphere. If you are concerned about your privacy, we offer some stainless steel and glass balcony railings with tinted and frosted glass.

Another benefit of this system is its durability. As long as you choose a 316-grade stainless steel or above as well as glass made to withstand the outdoors, this type of railing will be one of the most reliable long-term. These materials stand up to the Toronto weather very well and can remain just as strong and beautiful for well over a decade.

Other Popular Balcony Steel Railing Designs

If glass isn’t your thing, there are many other affordable and stylish kinds of stainless steel railings for balcony.

  • Cable railing.
    This is one of the most affordable options and another one that doesn’t obstruct the view. However, due to gaps between cables, one must be careful if there are kids or small animals in the house. You also should avoid various stainless steel wire balcony railing DIY kits. Those usually have hardware of dubious quality. Also, cables must only be installed by qualified technicians with specialized equipment. Our teams are trained to perform these installations quickly and you get a warranty for their work.
  • Steel banisters.
    There’s a variety of steel railing balustrades in our catalogue. They are extremely versatile, so you’ll be able to find a perfect match for your building’s design. These systems are very affordable and quick to install.
  • Steel and wood.
    Much like there are stainless steel glass balcony railings, there are models with wood panels or other elements incorporated into the design. These models look very stylish, but they will require a bit more maintenance due to the wooden pieces.

Art Metal Workshop offers a wide range of steel railings for balcony that’ll fit any client’s requirements and budget. Buy your railings here if you are looking for quality, efficiency, and reliable warranty.