Steel Gates

The Most Common Types of Steel Gates Installed in Toronto

Steel gates are very popular in Toronto due to certain benefits of this metal. It’s pretty lightweight, but still strong and durable for fences, gates, railings, etc. The most commonly used is stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. These properties enhance due to the protective measures that are taken by the companies that construct and install gates. Steel can be internally or externally galvanized, zinc primed, or powder coated. Steel gates price is also reasonable, which adds to its benefits, making high quality affordable.


Steel Entrance Gates

Steel entrance gates or driveway gates are the main type installed in Toronto. They protect your home, detach it from others, and add a stylish look to it. There are different steel gate designs to choose from, butyou can suggest your own. Our technicians at Art Metal Workshop Inc. will make it meet the general requirements.

Entrance gates are usually large, with two doors that are swinging or sliding. Steel gates can be controlled manually or automatically if a special system is installed.

Steel Garden Gates

Steel gate for gardens is another common construction ordered in Toronto. It’s usually installed along with the fence to protect the garden and also detach it. The gates for a garden are usually not large and include only one door, in case you don’t need to get there by car. Steel gates are made so they don’t peel and rust, so your garden plants are secure. It can be decorated with special planters to enhance the beauty of the place.

We at Art Metal Workshop can create gates with balusters or panels to fit the design of your home and garden. Balusters are the most popular as you can see through them, but panels may look even more appealing, as almost any picture can be cut on them.

Types of Gates According to Their Functionality

  • Steel swing gates.
    This type of gates has doors open inwards or outwards to let you in. Swing gates are used as a standard model when there is enough space for them.
  • Steel sliding gates.
    In case the space for gates is limited, you can order a sliding construction. It doesn’t move inwards or outwards, leaving you less work to open it and making wind resistance for the gates higher.

Choosing Steel Gates


Make sure to choose the right type of gates for your home and garden. Both swing and sliding gates function great, you only have to pick what you prefer. Also remember that you can offer us your own design and we will implement it.

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