Exterior Steel Railing: Types and Buying Considerations

Exterior steel railing is one of those details that can really give an edge to your property. Installed on a deck or patio, rails do not only make the place safer. They can enhance the looks of the house and therefore boost its curb appeal. Stainless steel exterior railing offers a variety of benefits and will be the best choice if you want to get good value for your money.

Exterior Steel Railing Systems: Material and Design

The most important factors you should consider when buying exterior railing in Toronto are material and design. As far as materials are concerned, stainless steel offers the perfect balance of price and quality. It’s also a very good choice for Canadian weather as it can withstand the elements well.

Stainless steel exterior railing is affordable and comes in a great variety of styles. We at Art Metal Workshop produce a wide range of custom steel railing systems to fit any client’s taste. Therefore, you’ll definitely find the piece that complements your home and makes it more beautiful.

This railing also makes a great investment as its durable and boosts the value of the property. As it’ll last for decades and needs little maintenance, you can benefit from installing this system down the line. It’ll definitely be a good selling point to highlight with your realtor.


Exterior Steel Railing: Height Considerations


Front steel railing must be not only attractive but also practical and safe. The purpose of its existence is to prevent falls and associated injuries. Please, bear in mind that if you have children or small pets living in the house, you’ll have to worry not only about the height of the rails. Our experienced staff can advise you on the best type of exterior steel railing to choose for any situation.

The standard height for safe rails is 36 inches, but there are custom models that deviate from this number. Somewhere between 34 and 38 inches is considered best to prevent the fall of an average person. Note that if you choose a decorative model, you must consider the added height of some elaborate pieces included in the design. This height is also perfect for disabled people. However, both indoors and external steel railing systems installed in homes with disabled people must also meet a variety of safety requirements. For example, not having sharp decorative elements or edges.

Art Metal Workshop is always ready to answer any questions you have and provide you with the best affordable exterior steel railing in Toronto.