Front Porch Railings

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Front Porch Railings for You

A porch is an important part of your property and it has a huge influence on the appearance of the building. Installing beautiful porch railings can enhance the curb appeal of the real estate greatly, increasing its value as well as making your home a better place to live in. Don’t forget that railings are also necessary for increasing the safety level of the space.


Front Porch Railing Materials: Wood Vs. Metal

Toronto property owners can choose between many porch railing materials and designs, but the most important decision to make is whether you prefer wood or metal. Both options are very popular and have definite advantages.

Wood railings for front porch are attractive and they give the building a special ‘homely’ feel. However, the most beautiful woodwork must be crafted by hand, so it’s expensive. This material also requires extensive care, so the cost of the fixture will increase greatly in the long run.

Metal railings for front porch, on the other hand, need very little maintenance. They are also extremely durable and can be affordable. At Art Metal Workshop, we offer a variety of metal railings that can fit any home perfectly. You also have a chance to order a custom piece based on your own design. Considering how many different metal railing options are available, you would definitely find the one that fits within your budget.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Front Porch Railings

When you start looking up porch railing designs, you would definitely notice that the most beautiful and elaborate of them are those made of wrought iron. This material has been used to create amazing ornate fixtures for hundreds of years, and it’s so durable that this railing can very well last for several centuries.

The flexibility of design and durability are definitely the most important advantages of the front porch wrought iron railings. Another important benefit is the long-term cost efficiency of this architectural fixture. When its quality is high, the piece will need almost no maintenance, save for an occasional paintjob.


Wrought iron railing repair is affordable as well, because the material is so sturdy, hardly anything can damage it. As long as you don’t allow rust to run amok on the rails, only a severe physical blow can do anything to dent the structure.

The experts of Art Metal Workshop have been creating intricate wrought iron railings for many years and the fact that our company has been awarded the Best of Homestars for 7 years in a row proves that our customers are satisfied with our work. Wrought iron front porch railings are the perfect choice for Toronto weather, so if you want to have the best in your home, go for it.

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