Deck Railings

Deck Railing: The Importance and Material Options

What makes a good deck railing? A high quality material, innovative design, professional installation, and followingyour local building code requirements. Deck railing systems not only function as safeguards and beautiful additions to houses, they also add to your convenience. You can lean on the railing while talking to someone or place food and drinks there during a home party.
Whatever your ideas for deck railing installation are, there are certain peculiarities to consider.


Deck Railing Posts

Posts are the main supportive parts of a deck railing, so don’t hesitate to put another middle post if your deck is too wide.Our experts at Art Metal Workshop recommend not to place them farther than 60-70”. If you do, the railings may sag or even break if the material isn’t of the best quality or if the pressure is too strong.

Posts usually consist of:

  • A post sleeve – a supportive column for the railing.
  • A sleeve cap – adecorative cap-like part that is placed on the top.
  • A sleeve skirt – a decorative part that is attached to the bottom of the sleeve.

Deck Railing Material Options

There’s a wide variety of materials to choose:

  • Composite is a mix of wooden sawdust and plastic. The material creates a maintenance free weather resistant railing. However, if it is broken, it can’t be repaired, so you’ll have to be careful.
  • Wood is a traditional option both for railings and for decks themselves. You can use cedar, redwood, or any other type you like. These railings can be easily made, they hold up well, but have to be taken care of greatly.
  • We can create and install high quality weather resistant railings from aluminum, wrought iron, steel, and other metals, as it’s our mainspecialization at Art Metal Workshop Inc. The range of designs is immense, as most metals are flexible. The option is mostly maintenance free, as we coat it with special protective powder.
  • Glass railings are innovative option that looks stylish and is pretty safe. Tempered glass is used for this type of railing to ensure the safety of the construction. You can order framed or frameless glass railings to implement your ideas for a high-tech deck.

Choosing Deck Railing Systems

While choosing the variant that suits you best, make sure to include all aforementioned points. Mind the regulations, as they were made to ensure your safety. Choose the right sized for railings and don’t hesitate to install more posts. Also choose the most appropriate material, and even if you choose metal or glass, our specialists are ready to implement your idea!


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