Glass Railing

Glass Railing Toronto: Understanding Pros and Cons

Glass railings are fantastic, no matter how you look at them. This system features everything you could want from a railing and its durability makes it cost-efficient. Moreover, don’t forget the boost of value it gives your property as it enhances the appearance of the building.


Glass Railing Systems: Strengths and Weaknesses

Glass railings are a big investment as compared to most common wooden and metal systems, so you should weigh all pros and cons before you decide whether this is the best choice for you.


  • You can enjoy the view.
  • You get solid protection from the elements.
  • Tempered glass railingsare very strong.
  • Interior glass railings make the space seem bigger.

You also get an extra advantage if you choose to install a glass railing around your pool because this material is resistant to damage from the chemicals in pool water. These panels are easy to clean, so your railing can look like new anytime. We at Art Metal Workshop will provide your Toronto property with glass railings that are both durable and stylish.


  • Glass railings can be expensive.
  • Glass isn’t impervious to scratches.

Glass Railing Installation: DIY Vs. Professional

Some people attempt to cut down the overall glass railing cost by foregoing professional installation. This is a VERY bad idea, especially if you are dealing with a frameless balustrade. There is a great number of glass railing accessories, such as clamps, clips, fixings, fittings, brackets, etc., that make up this complex system. Incorrect installation of even one of them compromises the integrity of the entire construction.

As you are dealing with glass, even if it’s tempered, there is a risk of shattering the panel, whether during the installation or because of incorrect tension distribution. This is not only a risk to your wallet, but also to your and your family’s safety.

Visualizing Your Dream: Get Glass Railing Detail CAD Drawings

Do you want to have a truly special and unique glass railing? We would gladly help you develop a custom design that will fit your home and your personal style perfectly. There are specialized software solutions that allow you to createa model that would enable you to see how the dream construction would look in real life. You can also draw inspiration from glass railings catalogues.


Hire a Trusted Glass Railing Manufacturer in Toronto


A glass railing is a major purchase, so you have to be 100% sure that you are investing your money in a top-quality product. Don’t just take the manufacturer’s word that they are the best, look at the proof, such as testimonials from customers and awards.

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