Glass Staircase Railing

Glass Staircase Railing: Types and Designs

Staircases come in a great number of shapes and styles, but one thing all of them should have in common is railing. It’s an essential safety feature and it makes the construction itself look good. Glass railings, in particular, are a great addition to any design. Due to its flexibility of style and durability, glass staircase railing can be installed in any part of your property.


Why You Should Install Glass Stair Railing Systems

Glass railing for stairs is a fantastically versatile architectural fixture, because it can fit any construction and style. Combine it with ornate wrought iron posts, and it would ‘freshen up’ a Victorian building. Choose tempered glass with galvanized steel frames, and it would be a great addition to a modern home’s security.

At Art Metal Workshop, we can create any type of glass stair railing you like, and ensure you get to enjoy the main advantages of each.

Glass Stair Railings: Interior

Interior glass railingis ‘unobtrusive’ visually and allows you to create an illusion of a bigger space. At the same time, it securely separates living areas, creating an effective barrier for children and pets.

Glass Stair Railings: Exterior

When installed outdoors, glass stair railings are perfect for Toronto as they easily withstand extreme temperatures and strong winds. Top-quality tempered glass is very strong, so damaging this system is nearly impossible.

Glass Stair Railing Design and Cost

Glass stair railings cost is determined by the construction’s design and size.

  • Curved Glass Stair Railing – can be more expensive due to the complex curved elements.
  • Frameless Glass Stair Railing – is usually expensive as it must have extra-strong hardware and top-quality tempered glass.
  • Modern Glass Stair Railing – can vary in price depending on how elaborate the system design is and what kind of materials are used for handrail and other parts.

Glass Stair Railings with Wood


If you love wooden constructions, a wood and glass stair railing may be a good option. However, its durability is limited when compared to metal. It will also cost more in the long run as wood requires regular treatment.

Toronto Tempered Glass Stair Railing from Art Metal Workshop

We produce glass staircase railing that can meet the unique demands of any customer to make sure every Toronto resident canhave the home of their dreams. Staircases are high-risk areas for accidents, so it’s very important to make them as safe as possible. Glass railings do this by providing a solid barrier against accidental falls. As the panels are solid, you don’t run the risk of catching your foot between the bars or something similar.

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