Balcony Railing

Balcony RailingSystem: What It Is and How It Should Look

Before you choose the material for your balcony railing system and order it, you need to know what it is, what it’s made of, and how it should look.

Balcony railings are constructions that complete the exterior of your balcony, veranda, terrace, etc. They have two main functions: safety and aesthetics. Any platform raised to 24” and more needs railings to preventthe danger of falling.


Balcony Railing Material Types

  • Wood– an affordable option, flexible in design.
  • Aluminum– an easily maintained option, flexible in design and color.
  • Vinyl– a maintenance free option, durable, weather resistant.
  • Wrought iron–an easily customized option, needs maintenance.

The Main Features of Exterior Balcony Railing System

  • Safety.
  • It’s important that the installation of railings is done by professionals. Our specialists at Art Metal Workshop Inc. regard safety as their first priority, as the railings have to be durable and strong in order to withstanda certain amount of pressure a person may put on it and to prevent dangerous falls.
  • Whether it’s a wrought iron Juliet balcony or simple outdooraluminum balcony railing, it looks better if its design fits into the overall look of the house. There are no limits in ideas if all the regulations are satisfied.
  • A balcony with high quality railings can transform an unused space into another room. Depending on the size of the balcony, you can put furniture in there, and the space will function as a summer/winter terrace.

Balcony Railings Height Requirements

In Toronto,Ontario, both indoorand outdoor balconies placed on the elevation of 24” and highermust have railings with the height of at least 42”. If it doesn’t interfere with the design of the house, you can make them higher. If it does interfere, but you still need a height extension, the best choice so far is glass railing extensions. They will enhance the safety option and yet won’t make the balcony look like a jail.

The space between two balusters in your balcony railing system must not be more than 4”. According to the height code, this space is safe enough for a kid to not squeeze his or her head into the railing system.


Additional Elements


To enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your balcony, we can also help you with the installation of:

  • Balcony railing planters.
  • Balcony fence for cats and dogs.


Balcony railings are multifunctional constructions – they will make your balcony both safe and beautiful. There are many material and design options to choose from, and our Art Metal Workshop professional will be more than happy to help you with installing the best railing system for your home.

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