French Balcony

French Balcony

French balconies (or faux balconies) are a type of protective barrier for long French windows or doors.

French balconies do not jut out of the building and do not have floor surface. This type of balconies is an ideal solution for buildings where the space is limited.

French balcony is a very stylish and useful design feature – it provides more light to the house and allows you to open French doors for safe ventilation. French balconies are used for more than just safety reasons, they also add exquisite decorative touch to apartment.

Art Metal Workshop specializes in manufacturing and installation of bespoke French balconies.
We offer various designs of custom made French balconies at the most affordable prices in Toronto. You can also create a design of your own with the help of our creative designers. For more than 28 years we have been helping our clients choose the best solution for their interior.


Please, contact us to get more detailed information about wrought faux balconies in Toronto. Discuss all the features of your ideal French balcony and our specialists will offer a number of variants to meet your needs.