Aluminum Gates

Do you need a new gate for your property? You should consider getting an aluminum gate installed. You can’t go wrong with a lightweight aluminum gate that doesn’t rust. Aluminum gates for properties are versatile and can be used for a variety of exterior home projects.

All ornamental aluminum gates at Art Metal Workshop are made out of high quality rust ­free aluminum alloy. This high­grade aluminum is strong, much stronger than steel. Today, aluminum gates are favored for both their appearance and durability, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy lasting beauty with very low maintenance.


We offer the finest entry aluminum gates for residential and commercial properties. No matter what your exterior property project is, Art Metal Workshop has the right gate for your needs. Our team of experts at Art Metal Workshop will design and fabricate a high quality aluminum gate to fit almost any opening whether it’s between columns, posts, walls, or buildings. We don’t stop there. We produce a range of great gate accessories and materials such as latches, gate hinges, keypads, self­-closers, and locks so your gate will function just the way you want it to.

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