Aluminum Deck Railings

Are you looking for ideas for the perfect railing to finish off your deck?

Art Metal Workshop has a range of high quality aluminum deck railing systems to choose from that will add extra value to your property through the railings’ lasting beauty. Our high quality railings for decks are not only beautiful, they are also low maintenance, meaning you can sit on your deck and enjoy the view without having to worry about corrosion.

Our team at Art Metal Workshop has designed and customized many different railings for various kinds of decks. It does not matter whether you require railings for a residential or a commercial purpose, we can do it all!

You will have the option to customize your deck railings to your own personal taste by choosing from a range of aluminum deck handrails designs that have been powder coated, giving your property the perfect finish. Choose the color to complement the area and rest assured there will be no cutting down of the railings to fit the deck -­ all our railings are guaranteed to fit the deck area perfectly without having to be modified at the last minute.

Our deck aluminum railings come in a number of different heights depending on your needs and making sure they are in compliance with all the building code requirements in place. Our team of railing experts, engineers, and designers strive for the highest quality and guarantee your new aluminum deck railings will be in compliance with all residential and commercial designs, exceeding all your expectations.

Art Metal Workshop’s balusters come with 2 inch intermediate and 2.5 inch corner posts. We use extra posts on the end to add an extra strength to the deck baluster railings, ensuring real durability and safety. You will have the option of adding post tops to your deck railings’ intermediate posts. Some standard post top designs that are commonly used include pyramid aluminum top caps or ball caps ­ the choice is yours.

The colors offered include black deck railings, white, blue or other colors of your choice.

Rust­ Free Guarantee

Art Metal Workshop has high expectations when it comes to quality. All handrails have been made using high-­grade aluminum alloys, meaning you are guaranteed a lifetime performance.

When it comes to any kind of outdoor railing, aluminum is the best material to use. Unlike other materials it does not crack, split, splinter, warp or get moldy, and due to the high­ quality materials used to produce your railings, there is no threat of rust, meaning you can sit back on your deck and relax without having to worry about maintaining them.

Powder Coating for Long­ lasting Color

Art Metal Workshop railings are all finished with a high quality powder coating, making your railings more durable and weather­ resistant. Pigment and resins are charged and then sprayed directly onto the railings, giving them an even high quality finish.

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