Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade for Staircase: Supportive Elements and Installation Hints

Glass balustrade systems are usually installed on external or internal staircases, giving them the whole new transparent look. The usage of toughened glass staircase railings is becoming more and more popular, as people find more advantages in the material. Glass doesn’t corrode and is highly resistant to any surprises of the weather of Toronto. It also doesn’t need much maintenance, just cleaningdust from it every now and then. Due to its transparency, it’s convenient to use in homes where space is limited or where the view shouldn’t be blocked.

With the popularity growth, glass balustrade systems are getting new designs to fit the needs of customers, according to our designers at Art Metal Workshop. Now you can get all kinds of metal or wooden frames for your glass panels. You can also order frameless balustrade with curved glass to deform the view or make it less transparent with the frosted-like finish.


Glass Balustrade for Staircase

Glass balustrade for stairs suits most types of steps, regardless of whether they were installed before or after the railings. Both timber and concrete staircases will look fresh and modern with some high-tech-looking glass handrails.You can use different finishes of the panels to create your own design and make an ordinary staircase a real part of a modern interior or exterior of the house.

Glass Balustrade Details and Supportive Elements

To install the balustrade, you will need certain glass railing hardware, like fixings and brackets. There are different types of these elements that help you create the support for both framed and frameless glass panels. You can choose mirror-like or fully concealed fixing, depending on the design you choose.As for brackets, there also are multiple options: round, square, with mirror finish or without it, etc.

Supportive elements for the balustrade are the posts it’s installed on, and the glass panels that act as balusters. The posts are keeping the balustrade on the right level and act as the main supportive force. The panels are installed under the balustrade and act as the main protective and decorative elements of the construction.

Recommendations on the Installation

The main recommendation is to be as careful as possible if you decided to install the balustrade kit yourself. The level of security and aesthetic beauty of the construction fully depends upon the quality of the installation. If you feel like you will not manage to install glass balustrade, make sure to call us for help. Also remember, that glass elements you order must not be cut or modified in any way without professional supervision.


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