Modern Railings

The Many Types of Modern Railings: How to Choose the Best

Modern railings come is a great number of styles and materials, so it’s easy to get confused when shopping for them. You’ll need to consider the pros and cons of every option as well as their looks in order to choose the type of system that would meet your unique requirements best. Remember that there is no single ultimate railing type, so every option can be installed in different situations. The main factors that should influence your choice are design, material, and cost.


Choosing the Right Modern Railings: Interior

When shopping for interior railings, modern options usually boil down to metal and glass. Wood is just too ‘warm and cozy’ to fit into a contemporary interior. Art Metal Workshop catalogue includes a variety of modern indoor railing designs, so you can pick the one you like and order it right away. If your interior design features a specific theme, you can order a custom piece that would complement it.

As it’s interior railing, you don’t have to worry about elemental damage and can choose more affordable metal options.

Tips for Buying Modern Railings: Exterior

A modern outdoor railing, on the other hand, must be able to handle the Toronto weather. This means that glass, aluminum, wrought iron, and galvanized steel are your best options. Each of these materials offers a high level of resistance to the elemental damage and doesn’t need much maintenance.

When buying modern outdoor railings, choose the design that would complement the style of the building, even if it’s at odds with the interior.

Modern Glass Railings: For Those Who Love the View

Of all the modern railings Toronto has to offer, the ones made of glass are the best choice for small properties (interior) or buildings with a great view (exterior). They don’t obstruct the view in any way, and tempered glass is very durable and sturdy.


Install Modern Wrought Iron Railings in Toronto


Wrought iron railings are traditionally associated with the elegant beauty of historic buildings. Gothic designs, in particular, are the most popular kind among them. However, today Art Metal Workshop can offer a wide range of modern wrought iron railings that can fit even into a futuristic interior.

Installing these pieces would allow you to enjoy the benefits of this fantastic material, which include its durability and low need of maintenance. This type of modern railings is sturdy and goes extremely well with the loft design style, which is one of the ‘hottest’ nowadays. It’s also good to note that due to its extensive lifespan, wrought iron is a fairly eco-friendly material. So, it’s a perfect choice for those who want to have a ‘green’ home.

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