Contemporary Stair Railing

Contemporary Stair Railings: The Material Choice and Ideas

Contemporary stair railings are getting more and more popular, as people are trying to upgrade their homes according to the modern trends. Handrail systems are one of the biggest and most noticeable things you see at any house, so making it match the whole design of the home is almost mandatory. But here comes a question of material: should you go for new materials formodern stair railings or stick to the classic and change the design?


Contemporary Stair Railings: Material Options

There are two main modern staircase railings materials that come to mind first when you think of up-to-date designs: glass and cable. The main reason for that is that minimalism is a huge trend now, so people try to find something that would look minimalistic, whatever the design is.

Contemporary stair railings designs made from glass can be different, as glass comes in different finishes. You can stick to the simple option and just leave it transparent without any metal frames – even handrails can be made from glass nowadays. Or you can order frosted or curved glass panels to make the view not so transparent and add something new and interesting to your home.

Cable systems will need metal or wooden framing, so you can add a bit of ornamental elements from metal to emphasize your individual taste. According to our Art Metal Workshop specialists, cable contemporary stair railings are easy to install, which makes it even more convenient to include them into your interior design.

Is Wrought Iron a Good Option for Contemporary Stair Railing?

In fact, any material can be used to create a good modern design for your railings and handrails. Wrought iron is a unique metal that can be shaped into different forms and create different design options. So why it can’t be made minimalistic, with a couple of ornamental details? Our Art Metal technicians often work with modern projects made from wrought iron, and they say that the design range is immense.

You can order simple custom stair railings with tiny spheres on the posts or a bit of modern decoration on the balusters, and a beautiful graspable handrail. Or you can leave it really simple and order a minimalistic railing system without decoration, or a frame for glass panels which will add contrast.


The most popular materials used for contemporary stair railings are glass and cable. Yet, we get a huge amount of orders for wrought iron modern systems, and yours can become one of them. Any material can look modern and fashionable – the main thing is to create a proper design.


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