Exterior Railings

Exterior Railings: Where to Put and What Materials to Choose

Exterior railings refer to many types of guard rails for constructions outside your house or office you need to secure. You can install railings on your deck, staircase, or balcony, adding beautiful décor to the building. Railings can be made in different styles, including modern high-tech, minimalistic, baroque, Victorian, and ancient. You can also choose one of the most popular materials for your exterior railings: metal, wood, vinyl, composite, etc. They all have different properties and are good options for many different cases.


Exterior Railings in Toronto

In Toronto, there are many houses that need railings, and the variety of these constructions is immense. There are many reliable companies that specialize on manufacturing wooden, vinyl, cable, glass, and metal railings. If your project requires using metal elements, our technicians at Art Metal Workshop are ready to take it up, making stylish exterior railings for you and installing them safely.

There are railings of many different sizes and shapes, so your home can always look unique. Using panels instead of balusters, putting high-tech lights as posts’ caps – everything is possible as long as the design you choose meets the requirements stated in Toronto’s building code.

Exterior Metal Railing

There are many types of exterior metal railings, all of them serving different purposes.

  • Wrought iron railings have their roots in the Middle Ages. Even though the techniques of manufacturing have changed dramatically since that time, it still is one of the most popular materials. It can be heated and formed into different shapes, from simple waves to complicated detailed ornaments.
  • Mild steel rails are one of the most affordable choices for metal exterior railings. It’s also malleable, which means it can be shaped differently, which makes it a cheaper substitution to wrought iron.
  • Stainless steel railings eliminate the most concerning problem of metal constructions – corrosion. It’s rust resistant and can be painted in many colors, making your exterior construction creative.
  • Aluminum balcony railings or deck railing systems are deemed to be maintenance free, and this is close to the truth as long as the metal is protected. Our experts at Art Metal Workshop Inc. usually coat their aluminum railings with protective powder, which makes themweather resistant.

Why Choose Metal Exterior Railings

Metal railings are the most suitable option for residential or commercial outdoor constructions. We can manufacture railings of any design using high quality metals, ensuring all spaces and heights meet the code. From heavy wrought iron to lightweight aluminum, metal railings provide you with safety, durability, and elegance.


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