Porch Railings

Porch Railings: Types and the Benefits of Each

A porch railing is an architectural fixture that can make your property stand out in any neighborhood and show off your unique sense of style. It will also prevent you, your loved ones, and guests from falling off your porch, which is always an important consideration.

Buying the perfect porch railings in Toronto today is a challenge because there are so many great options available. You’ll need to consider the pros and cons of each to determine which is the best for you personally.


Metal Railings for Porches Vs. Wood Vs. Vinyl Vs. Glass

The most important decision to make when buying railings for porches is choosing the material.

  • Wood – this is one of the most popular options and it’s definitely beautiful. However, it needs a lot of maintenance and isn’t very durable in the Toronto weather.
  • Vinyl – plastic railings for porches are highly affordable, but they lack in beauty and sturdiness.
  • Glass – glass railings are beautiful AND durable. However, due to their unique style, they may not be complementary as a porch fixture.
  • Metal – metal railings are extremely versatile and flexible in design, so you can find the perfect type for any architectural style and budget.

If you are looking to make your porch truly outstanding at a reasonable rate, Art Metal Workshop would be able to provide exactly what you need. With so many types of railings metal (iron, steel, aluminum, etc.), you can get a fixture that would complement any kind of building, whether it’s a Victorian mansion or a futuristic office building. Modern railings come in a great number of shapes and styles, so you definitely should study catalogues to find interesting ideas.

Iron Porch Railings: Cast Vs. Wrought Iron

Iron porch railings are the most common kind because they are highly cost-efficient, as well as attractive. Cast iron is the cheaper option, but the very structure of this material is weaker, which means that it will start crumbling eventually.


Wrought iron is the most durable option, and it can look truly fantastic when the fixture is created by master blacksmiths, like the ones working for Art Metal Workshop. It’s true that wrought iron railings price is a bit higher, but the minimal need of maintenance makes it a wise investment. You should also consider that black wrought iron railings can complement any architectural style.

It’s the perfect choice for front porch railings because wrought iron gives the building a distinctive character, making even an ordinary house seem more elegant and posh.

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