Exterior Handrails

Aluminum and Wooden Exterior Handrails as Your Top Option

Whether you have bought a new house or decided to redecorate the current one, sooner or later you will approach the question of exterior handrails. They have to be present if there are stairs outside the building: down from your deck, front door, etc. Exterior hand railing constructions are installed in a way that’s convenient for a person to grab while going up or down the stairs. You can choose nearly any design you might wish, and the range of materials is also huge. However, the two most popular options are aluminum and wood.


Exterior Handrails from Aluminum

Aluminum is the lightest of all metal options for exterior handrails. It also doesn’t require a lot of special care. All you have to do for your aluminum railings to look good and serve for long time is to wipe dirt and dust from them. This metal is weather resistant, which makes corrosion and rust rare troubles. Our specialists at Art Metal Workshop also put a special powder coat on the railings to strengthen all qualities and make the material almost maintenance free.

Aluminum is also one of the cheapest and lightest options from all metals used for exterior stair railings. This makes it quite ergonomic, requiring less money spent on the railings and less supportive elements for their installation.

Exterior Wooden Stairs and Railings

Wooden handrails can be made from many types of wood, but the most popular options are:

  • Pine is only slightly tan, but can be tanned more if necessary. After a finish it has a smooth gloss, and as this type of wood is usually treated, it resists rot and the weather conditions of Toronto.
  • Cypress is a bit darker and even reddish, its color is rarely changed. The wood is also weather, insects, and rot resistant, but due to its beautiful finish it usually costs more than pine.
  • Cedar is usually a warm brown shade, it has all the same resistance qualities and the other options. When covered by special protective coat, it looks like a dark golden material.
  • Redwood is the most expensive from commonly used types of wood for exterior handrails. Its color is a saturated red that doesn’t fade for a long time, and the quality of wood itself is the best.

Choosing the Best Option

Choose the option that suits your taste the best, as the weather of Toronto allows using both metal and wooden exterior handrails. Our specialists will be glad to work on your project if you choose metal for your railings.


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