Exterior Stair Railings

Exterior Stair Railings: Metal Rails as the Best Choice

Before installing exterior stair railings, you have to think and plan many things. What material and style should you choose? What is the main purpose of this particular railing? Are extensions necessary? Does the design you want meet the Toronto exterior railing code? All these questions have to be answered before your railings are manufactured.

Whether it’s a stair handrail, deck stair railings, or a porch handrail, it has to be of the same design your stairs and house are. If it looks organic, it will make your deck and stairs look complete, which is a top priority when you are choosing a design. As for the material to use, there are plenty of choices, including wood, cable, glass, etc., but the most durable choice is always metal.


Exterior Metal Railings for Stairs

If you need a durable exterior stair railings system for your deck, metal may be the best choice. Different metals have different qualities, andour experts at Art Metal Workshop offer the following options to choose from:

  • Aluminum will work the best for Toronto’s climate, as it’s weather resistant. It’s a low-maintenance option, but with our protective powder coating it becomes a no-maintenance material.
  • Steel is often used for exterior stair railings as this metal is strong and almost unbreakable. It’s possible to powder coat or galvanize it for better sun and air humidity resistance.
  • Wrought iron.
    Wrought iron is famous for its flexibility, so you can create nearly any design for your exterior step railings. It requires certain care like repainting and changing corroded details, but it’s worth it.

Exterior Hand Railings for Stairs

There are three main ways to get your exterior stair railings installed:

  • Buying a handrail kit.
    Inside the kit, there are all necessary details for your handrail to be installed. Do as written in the manual and you will succeed in installing it.
  • DIY handrails.
    There are many choices for creating the railings yourself. If you choose this way, remember to meet the requirements and install the railings safely.
  • Choosing a professional company.
    Think of the design and go to Art Metal Workshop to hire our best technicians. They will create and install your railings as successfully as they have done with over 8000 projects.


Metal exterior stair railings are the most suitable choice in many cases, as they offer a wide range of designs and maintenance requirements. It’s also a safe option if installed correctly, and our professionals with more than 12 years of experience are ready to help you with that.


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