Metal Stair Railings Interior

Unique Material Options for Interior Metal Stair Railing

Interior metal stair railing is the most popular order most railing companies get. Metal proved to be durable, safe, and useful material which can be shaped, cut, or painted to create a wide range of design options. But this niche is also pretty wide, including all the metal types we know. You can choose stainless steel for less maintenance, aluminum for lightweight, cast iron for temperature resistance, or wrought iron for safety.


Benefits of Different Materials for Interior Metal Stair Railing Systems

Wrought Iron

Nowadays, we at Art Metal Workshop get hundreds of orders for wrought iron railings for stairs, because:

  • It’s strong and very difficult to break, which is a huge plus to the safety of your staircase.
  • It’s malleable, which means the range of stair railing designs is great due to the ability to be heated and shaped.
  • It’s extremely durable, which means you will spend less onstair railing replacement and repairs.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel became a best seller when it was first introduced to the world of railing, because:

  • It’s a low maintenance material, which makes it a great option for interior metal stair railing.
  • It’s rust and corrosion resistant as its name suggests, which makes it durable.
  • It’s ductile, which makes it a good option for any project with ornamental design.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is the best variant for certain types of interior metal stair railing, including panel-structured and ornament-cut, because:

  • The process of casting iron is beneficial as the alloy is melted and poured into forms.
  • It accepts most types of powder protection, which means if we at Art Metal Workshop put a protective coat on it, there will be minimum care needed.
  • It’s temperature resistant, so it will not bother you with strange noises and will not break due to temperature change.


Aluminum is used for interior metal stair railing systems extremely often, because:

  • It’s lightweight, which means it doesn’t need a lot of supportive elements to stay still and strong.
  • It’s cheaper, which makes it an ideal option if you want an affordable yet beautiful railing.
  • It’s a no maintenance material, so all you need is wiping dust from it every couple of days.



Every type of metal can become the best option for indoor stair railings. You need to choose one according to your taste, needs, and the design of your house. We can consult you on any type of metal constructions and provide you with the best installation service in Toronto.

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