Stair Railing Designs

Choosing the Right Stair Railing Designs from Any Material

Your stair railings aren’t just additions to the safety of your house anymore – they are one of the largest decoration playgrounds! When redecorating or building a house that has two or more floors, the question of stair railing designs and materials becomes crucial. How to choose the best design and material option for your home? It isn’t very difficult, as the stair railing ideas can be determined by answering a couple of questions for yourself.


Recommendations on Choosing the Best Stair Railing Designs for Your Home

  • Think of the design of your home.
    Determine the tone your house will be in after the redecoration or the building finish. Will it be painted in colorful patterns or left monochrome? Do you want the stairs to be more classic or you’d better like contemporary interior railings designs? By answering these questions, you will automatically understand which style you need.
  • Keep the safety in mind.
    Now that you have determined the overall style, think of the safety, as all stair railing designs are made for protection first. The basics include graspable handrails, spacing and height measurements, as well as the painting that will make it clearly visible.
  • Keep the functionality intact.
    The railings are installed to support you while you are ascending or descending the stairs. So the stair railing designs you may think of have to include the functionality question. Some people may have crazy ideas that will look astonishing, but it will be uncomfortable to use them. You can consult our Art Metal Workshop specialists on combining style and functionality.
  • Don’t be afraid to go simple.
    Most modern stair railing designs are simple, so if you come to the conclusion that you need such a design, don’t think it will look boring. If a simple idea looks good within your home design, it can never be boring.
  • Think of mixing materials.
    Play with different options by looking at the pictures on the Art Metal Workshop website. You will find many combinations of materials and painting there that you can try in your interior. There are many alternatives to using only iron or only wood: combine glass and steel, wood and wrought iron, etc.


The ideas range is immensely big when talking about stair railing designs. The interior railings of your home don’t need as much weather resistance or intrusion safety. It means that there is more space for your fantasy to work fully. Don’t hesitate to try new things, and ask us for help with the implementation of your crazy projects – we will be always ready to send our best specialists for help!


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