The Cost and Types of Glass Deck Railing Systems

Glass deck railingsare a unique option for your house, as they’re transparent yet strong and safe. Some people are afraid of using glass for their protective constructions, which is a big mistake. The glass used is shatter resistant as it’s tempered; it’s also strong due to the thickness of the layer and other qualities.


There are many advantages plexiglass can give you, but it isn’t a DIY option for the deck. The glass has to be processed on the edges to avoid cutting, the sizes have to be clearly measured, and the material has to be ordered from a specialized company. Here at Art Metal Workshop we do everything mentioned and even more, as we also frame the glass in metal and install it right onto your deck.

Glass Deck Railings Cost in Toronto

The cost of the glass itself may vary from $40 to $100 and more per lineal foot, depending on different factors. The thickness, quality, and type of the glass matter a lot, as well as the location of the company you order the materials from. You should also know that the work on the glass, the installation of the glass railing, etc. should be included in your financial plans. The whole glass railing cost may be way over $400, so this option isn’t the cheapest.

Types of Glass Railings for Decks

  • Framed.

    Framed glass deck railings consist of glass panels of different sizes and a metal or wooden frame to make it look safer and less transparent. The frames for the panels can be designed in different ways to fit the overall design of the deck.

  • Frameless.

    Frameless glass deck railings are the most interesting type, as they don’t need frames, due to support by special ground constructions. This type of railing allows for a full view of the surroundings, being 100% transparent yet extremely safe.

  • Frosted-glass railings.

    This is a type of glass processing that can be used for both types of constructions mentioned above. Frosted glass isn’t transparent, as it’s processed by sandblasting or acid spraying. It looks like real frosted glass and can become a great addition to your deck.



Glass deck railing systems are innovative, beautiful, and safe; they will improve the design of your high-tech deck or a simple wooden one with an amazing view you don’t want to hide. Here at Art Metal Workshop you can order both framed and frameless glass railings. We use only high-quality tempered glass for your safety and convenience.

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