Detailed Guide to Frameless Glass Railing

The benefits of glass railings cannot be denied. It looks stylish on its own and enhances the beauty of any property. However, its main advantage is that it enables you to see the beautiful view, right from your home. A frameless glass railing is designed specifically for this purpose, as this system has very few pieces of hardware to minimize visual obstructions.


Frameless Glass Deck Railing Systems: Important Advantages

Frameless glass railings for decks are the best choice as they are virtually invisible. Therefore, they allow you to enjoy the view even while you are sitting in a low chair, safely covered with a warm blanket. As frameless glass railing has almost no gaps, you’ll be very comfy in that chair because the construction will protect you from the bitterly cold winds.

Art Metal Workshop manufactures and installs the best frameless glass railing systems in Toronto, and we can create one that will fit your home perfectly.

Frameless Glass Deck Railing and Topless Glass Railing: What’s Best?

As its name states, a frameless glass railing has no frame, so it looks ‘clean’ and stylish.  However, even a frameless construction may have a handrail for either aesthetic or safety purposes.

A topless glass railing, on the other hand, doesn’t have it. If you are one of the lucky people who owns a Toronto property with a magnificent view, this type of system will allow you to enjoy its full glory.

Frameless Glass Balustrade Prices and Value

A glass balustrade is an architectural fixture that can be used for numerous purposes. Their usesvary from preventing people from falling off the stairs/porches to providing privacy in some areas of the room. A frameless glass balustrade strives to be virtually invisible, which means using specialized hardware:

  • Frameless Glass Balustrade Fittings – include connectors, adapters, clamps, and clips.
  • Frameless Glass Balustrade Fixings – include tools necessary to fixate the balustrade to the surface.

The price of a frameless glass balustrade can vary, but it’s usually higher than a regular glass rail due to superior hardware. This fixture is always a good investment as it boosts the property value.


Frameless Glass Railing Cost in Toronto and the GTA

Art Metal Workshop produces and installs many types of frameless glass railing, including custom pieces created to your exact specifications, so our prices vary greatly. Basic online calculators and average rates won’t help you get an accurate estimate as each of these systems can be customized to fit your budget. Therefore, you should always contact the manufacturer directly to get a proper quote.

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