Exterior Glass Railing

Exterior Glass Railing: Advantages for Toronto Properties

If you’re living in Toronto or the GTA, you know how annoying and unpleasant freezing the winter winds can be. Rains and snowfalls are just as bad, so it’s only natural that you’d want to protect your home from them. However, building a wall instead of a deck/patio/balcony isn’t an option because this will prevent you from enjoying the view. An exterior glass railing is the solution you need as it stops the elements from getting in, but doesn’t take away your ability to see the world outside.


Benefits of Exterior Glass Railing Systems

No matter what kind ofoutdoor stair railings you’re seeking to install, the most important quality you should look for is their ability to protect you from the wind. Tempered glass is the best choice for this specific purpose, because it presents a solid wall that can withstand a blow of 50 pounds per foot at the very least. This means that debris isn’t an issue.

To make your exterior glass railing even more impenetrable to the elements, we at Art Metal Workshop can minimize the spaces between the panels and mounting surface. This would turn the enclosure protected by the construction into a virtual fort, and the best thing is that clear glass allows you to see the beauty of the nature raging outside.

Another vital advantage of exterior glass railing systems is that they are very low-maintenance. You only need a sponge and some soapy water to clean them, and glass doesn’t have to be treated with specialized solutions or repainted every year.

Glass railings of any type are easily customizable. This means that you can get a railing system that will fit your overall property style perfectly, no matter how unique and unusual this style is.

If you think that glass isn’t for you because you value privacy too much, there is a way to get the benefits of this material and yet prevent anyone from looking inside. You just need to install frosted, mirrored, or tinted glass railing panels.

The Best Glass Railing Exterior System in Toronto

Art Metal Workshop catalogues offer dozens of exterior glass railing designs. However, if you want a system that would serve you the longest, choose aluminum with tempered glass.

These panels are so strong – they are almost impossible to break. Even if they shatter, the glass is treated to minimize the size of the shards. The aluminum posts and hardware are corrosion-proof and won’t need any special maintenance.This combination of materials withstands extreme changes in temperatures easily, so there isn’t any risk of surface cracks.


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