Glass Railing Designs

Advantages of Glass Railing Designs for Balcony and Stairs

Glass railing designs have proven their functionality, durability, and quality to be on a high level. Though some time ago people were hesitant about this option, thinking glass can’t really guarantee safety, nowadays it’s one of the most popular orders in Toronto. Raillessoptions prevent children from climbing the construction, as theglass is smooth and transparent. This is good for the whole family, as the child sees everything clearly and there’s no reason for them to climb.

Glass railing designs include constructions with only supportive railing hardware made from metal – these are called frameless. Panels can also be framed in aluminum, steel, or other metal, as well as in wood, opening even more space for adapting designs to your personal taste.


The Advantages of Glass Railing Designs

  • No maintenance.
    All you need is a sponge to wipe dust and spots from the glass panels. If you have a framed variant, our technicians at Art Metal Workshop will powder coat the frame material to make it maintenance free, too.
  • Quick installation.
    If done by professionals, the installation process will not take much time and effort. Special fixing details will be used to strengthen the construction and increase its safety, allowing you to lean on it without falling hazards.
  • Unlimited service.
    The life span of glass is incredibly long, so there will be no need to replace the panels unless broken. We at Art Metal Workshop also provide alifetime warranty on our projects, which increases the time the construction serves you.

The Usage of Glass Railings

All the advantages make glass railing designs suitable for both exterior and interior constructions.

  • Usingexterior glass railingdesigns for a balcony will prevent blocking a beautiful view. You will be able to relax sitting there and watching beautiful sunsets or sunrises over Toronto without the need to stand up.
  • By using aninterior glass railingdesign for the stairs, you will create an illusion of a more spacious room. You can also add an innovative touch to your house in this way, making both the railings and handrails of glass.

Besides, glass can be used both for residential and commercial buildings, giving them maximum safety and transparency.


Glass railing designs can differ by the material used for the frame, the frame itself, etc. You can use one for both exterior and interior objects, as well as for both residential and commercial buildings. You can find images and 3D models of glass railing examples done by our experts on the website of the company.


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