Benefits of Aluminum Balcony Railings in Comparison to Other Materials


Of the great variety of materials for balcony railings,aluminum is one of the top choices. However, not all homeowners know that using aluminum is beneficial due to:

  • Easy maintenance.

    Aluminum balcony railings don’t require much to maintain. You have to clean it of dust regularly, scrub and paint when necessary.We also can add a powder coat to the railing, and the maintenance will become even easier.

  • Durability and weather resistance.

    Aluminum is durable due to its high resistance to water and UV radiation–two of the main factors that result in corrosion and rust.

  • Style and color variety.

    Aluminum is flexible in terms of styles and colors, and we at Art Metal Workshop can implement any of them. This will help your aluminum balcony railings fit into the style and color patterns of your

  • Light weight.

    Aluminum is relatively light,with its weight equal to 1/3 of the weight of steel. This is a useful feature for a metal construction to be raised safely on a balcony. It also makes aluminum railings easier to install and remove.

  • High quality for a reasonable price.

    If you need a good quality design and durable material for a lower price, aluminum is the best option. If you are searching for aluminum balcony railings in Toronto with the best price, choose our company as we have over 12 years of experience in this field.

  • Impermeability and scent absence.

    Whatever the thickness of aluminum you order, the material is still fully impermeable. It also doesn’t emit any toxic chemical odor, which makes it completely safe.

Why Choose Aluminum Balcony Railings Over Other Materials

  • Aluminum vs.steel.

    If you install steel railings, you will need to repaint it in a couple of years. It’s also heavy, and thus more difficult to transport and install. Besides, it’s not as flexible, which limits the designs that can be created. With aluminum balcony railings, you will avoid all these drawbacks.

  • Aluminum wood.

    Using wood requires repainting every 2 years and a chemical treatment. Aluminum doesn’t require such maintenance, and you don’t have to use toxic chemicals to make it more durable.




Most things you can think of when planning your balcony railings are possible with aluminum. Our experienced technicians will help you bring any of your ideas to life. As we’ve been awarded with the “Best of Homestars” award for the 6th time in a row, you can rest assured that our company is one of the best in Toronto.

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