Metal Fences

The Advantages of Metal Fence and What It Can Be Used For

Metal fencing is a wonderful choice for any house whose owners are looking for a safe option with high privacy. Metal fence materials are considered the best, as they are durable, low maintenance, and good looking. Such constructions can be made highly protected, with massive posts, thick balusters, sharp caps, and multiple locks. All these security parts will not interfere with the curbside appeal of your house.

The most popular metal for palisade fencing (with using pickets) is wrought iron. If taken care of, it’s quite resistant to Toronto weather conditions. A special protective coat is put on it to increase its rust resistance properties. Strong and durable, this metal fence option will make your house safe and good looking from the outside.


Meal Fence for Dogs

The reason for installing metal fence for dogs is keeping the pets in the yard. Our specialists at Art Metal Workshop install dog fences of different heights to meet your requirements, adding metal gates for moving convenience and better security. Wrought iron is most commonly used for metal fences for dogs, as it makes the yard look beautiful yet doesn’t make the pet feel like it’s in captivity.

If you need a lighter and cheaper alternative, you can order welded or chain mesh to install the fence. It’s usually galvanized, so almost no maintenance is needed. We can manufacture it out of any size and decoration to make an affordable option look luxurious.

Metal Fencing for Gardens

Another useful reason to install metal fence is securing your garden. There are certain features that determine a good garden fencing:

  • Rust and peel resistance so as not to poison the plants.
  • Privacy and security to prevent intruders from stealing anything.
  • Wind speed and pressure resistance for better durability.
  • Strong posts for sloped surface resistance.

There are many modern options for garden fencing that will make the area beautifully secured. The most popular option for garden fences is mesh of any type, as it is strong, corrosion resistant, and affordable. The range of designs of Art Metal Workshop fences combine aesthetics and functionality, as the decorations are used to prevent climbing, increasing wind resistance, etc.

Choosing Metal Fence

A fence from any metal can become a durable and safe option if constructed and installed properly. That’s why we offer you our services that will make you sure in the security of your house, yard, pets, or garden. Installing a high quality metal construction with strong gates and doors is the most reliable way to protect your possessions from intruders.


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