Metal Art – The Craft of Custom Metal Fabrication

What Is Metal Art? Metal art is the craft of shaping and manipulating metal into creative, aesthetic objects that go beyond their utilitarian purpose. It elevates the process of metal fabrication from simply constructing or engineering metal structures for functional use to creating pieces that also serve as visually compelling works of art.  Whether it’s [...]

Top 20 Balcony Privacy Screen Ideas Toronto

Creating a private, secluded balcony space can transform your outdoor living area into a peaceful retreat. Here are 20 practical and stylish ideas to inspire your balcony makeover: Bring in Potted Plants: Elevate your balcony's seclusion and visual appeal by introducing tall potted plants. Opt for varieties like towering grasses or bamboo to not only [...]

Types Of Deck Railings – Your Comprehensive Guide

Adding those finishing touches to your deck? Consider the various types of deck railings to enhance your outdoor space. Let's delve into some popular styles and materials, their benefits, and potential drawbacks to help you make an informed decision! Contact Us Deck Railing Styles Glass Deck Railings: These deliver a clean, modern feel, and do [...]

How to Build a Fence on a Slope in Etobicoke – Your Comprehensive Guide

Are you a proud homeowner in Etobicoke, Ontario, looking to enhance your property's security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal? One excellent way to achieve this is by installing a fence. However, if your yard features varying terrain, like slopes or uneven ground, you might be wondering how to build a fence that both looks great and [...]

How To Prevent Rust on Your Outdoor Furniture and Railings

While homeowners frequently tend to their gardens and landscape, they often overlook the metal elements such as railings, outdoor furniture, and gates. Learning how to prevent and treat rust is crucial to prolong the life of these items. Let's delve into the details of rust prevention and keep your outdoor metals shining and rust-free. Understanding [...]

How to Install an Aluminum Fence – Step-By-Step Guide

Aluminum fences not only enhance the aesthetics of your garden or yard but also promise strength and functionality. Standing as a cost-effective option with an effortless installation process, aluminum fences have become a top choice for homeowners. Here's a walk-through for you to set up an aluminum fence on your own. Required Tools and Materials [...]

Toronto Fence Code: What is the highest fence you can have?

If you're a homeowner in Toronto planning to install a fence for added security, privacy, or simply to enhance your property's curb appeal, it's important to familiarize yourself with the city's fence code regulations. Understanding the height restrictions set by the Toronto Fence By-law is crucial to ensure compliance and avoid potential fines or issues [...]

Trends in Railings for 2024

It's been a remarkable year in railings, gates, and fences design, and as the year 2024 unfolds, aesthetics merge with functionality, creating a broad vista of options in home and commercial properties. Etobicoke-based Art Metal Workshop continues to lead the industry, offering one-of-a-kind design solutions that breathe life into any space. Let's delve deeper into [...]

Top 10 Fence Materials for Ontario Homes

When it comes to enhancing your home's security, privacy, and curb appeal, choosing the right fencing material is crucial. With a wide variety of options available, Ontario homeowners need to be well-informed to make the best decision for their property. In this insightful guide, we will explore ten different types of fencing materials, including steel, [...]

How To Choose The Best Deck Builders

Your Guide to a Dream Deck! A well-built deck can transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation, entertainment, and increased property value. Whether you're planning a cozy backyard retreat or a spacious entertainment hub, finding the right deck builder is crucial to turning your vision into reality. In this guide, we'll walk you [...]