Iron Railings

Iron Railings

Iron railings are a perfect solution for any exterior or interior applications. Iron railings provided by Art Metal Workshop come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Moreover, wrought metal railings are strong and resistant to weather and abuse which guarantees their durability for years.

Wrought porch railings make perfect match with stone, wood and glass surfaces. Metal railings will be stylish and attractive decoration of any interior or exterior design.

Art Metal Workshop specializes in manufacturing and installation of wrought iron railings for commercial and residential clients in Toronto area. We have been dealing with iron railings for years making our clients satisfied with the result they receive.

We offer a huge range of wrought iron railings and porch iron railings so you can find a type of metal railing that suits your taste, interior and budget.


ou can also suggest your own bespoke requirements and we’ll gladly bring your project to life.

Please, contact Art Metal Workshop by phone or email to get more detailed information about manufacturing and installation of iron railings in Toronto area.

Cliché as it may sound but it’s true that our home is an extension of our personality.

If you have a happy and positive disposition, your home also possesses this kind of vibe that attracts people and gives them a sense of joy being in your space. People love to go back to your place because the happiness you exude is contagious.

Conversely, if you’re a person who is always in a foul mood and is toxic to be around with, people generally stay away from you and your dwelling place because they feel the negative atmosphere.  

The bottom line is people have this strong attachment to their dwelling places. Their houses are a part of their personal spaces and become an extension of their characters and disposition.

This is essentially why people love to design, create and recreate home spaces according to how they feel.

They feel so attached to their homes that each element that they bring into it has this personal touch. Even the busiest person on the planet will slow down and give their house design a deep thought.

Given these considerations, it is therefore safe to assume that we have to give our house designs a lot of thought. We should create something that works for us and the kind of lifestyle that we lead. After all, it’s difficult to exist and move to a place that feels foreign to you.

Endless choice of railing designs

In terms of iron railings, we at ArtMetal can supply you with an endless choice of designs you can choose from. You will never run out of options.

If you are a true-blue old-school design aficionado, you can check out our classic styles, which feature very clean lines and speak elegance everywhere you look.

If you love vintage romantic designs or the more pronounced and intricate styles we can offer plenty, which is reminiscent of our long line of history.

If you are one of the more conservative types, you can also check out our straightforward and uncomplicated designs, and see if there’s one which suits your fancy. No fuzz, no-frills designs are available especially for those who just want functionality in the truest sense of the word.

On the other hand, if you’re the adventurous type who loves to play with designs and spaces, you can also check out our long list of loud, playful modern-design railings and choose which one works for you. With our iron railings, standing out in a cookie-cutter neighborhood would be no problem.

Also, if the safety of your kids and pets are your priority, we can work with you to design customized iron railings that would fit your criteria. We should point out, however, that the city has specific standards on safety that we religiously follow.

Whoever you are, whatever your passions are, and from whichever walks of life you came from, we have the right solution to your railing needs.

Craftsmanship in Its Finest

Before, when people wanted something strong and sturdy, they sacrifice aesthetics and design. They believe that simplicity and straightforward design is equal to strength and durability.

We hate to burst your bubble but the truth of the matter is this was not always the case. The whole premise, as a matter of fact, is based on faulty logic.

Design and durability are two interdependent qualities. They do not, in any way, relate and equate to each other.

Design pertains to the look, the attractiveness, and the visual value we put and attach to a material or thing.

Durability, on the other hand, means strength of the material or object. This refers to its ability to withstand normal wear and tear, and even extreme pressure, as well as its capacity to remain useful amid all these agents of physical deterioration.

So, the bigger questions now are these—can we bring these two separate elements together? Can they co-exist? The answer is a big and resounding yes!

However, co-existence of durability and style require a certain degree of craftsmanship to be able to weld them together and seamlessly mesh them into one material.

We at ArtMetal know this process by heart. Our years of experience in creating designs structures gave us a better insight into how the function and aesthetics are mixed. Also, our years of experience in this field gave us a distinct advantage in the industry.

Our team of experts is well-equipped with skills in railing construction, set-up, and installation. Not only that, they are also knowledgeable on the standards for safety and quality.

Why Choose Iron Railings in Toronto

The diversity of choices, good quality, safety, and brand reliability are the major reasons why you should choose Iron Railings in Toronto.

As mentioned previously, we at ArtMetal can offer you a wide array of designs to choose from. If you also have a bespoke design in mind and you want us to execute and create that design, we can do that for you.

If you want our expert advice because you are still undecided as to what would work best, we can also schedule a consultation with you and draft a design afterwards. The bottom-line is we can help you out with what you need.

Good quality

We use wrought iron railings for both our commercial building clients and our residential building customers in the Toronto area. You can tell us your budget and specifications and we will make sure to work with that.


We always have our clients’ best interest at heart. Because of this, we know what designs will be suitable for their houses. We communicate with our clients all the time to ensure that we are always on the same page. Through this, we can ensure satisfaction and meeting of expectations.

Safety of the family and of their loved ones has been the most primordial reason why families ask for our service.

Aside from the aesthetics, these balustrades add to our homes, these railings act as our protection from people with bad intentions, and from other causes of physical harm.

With iron railings installed on your porch, you are assured that kids or pets don’t just run around and stumble into dangerous areas. You can just lock it and keep them inside for safety.

Brand reliability

Customer satisfaction, though subjective, is a great measure of the reliability of a company or a brand. Here at ArtMetal, we take pride in the high trust rating our satisfied customers gave us. Not only do we bring their ideas and their house visions to life, we are also able to keep them satisfied with the type of service we offer.

Credibility in this industry is earned and it’s a constant process, especially now where the Internet has become a great equalizer. A disgruntled customer can just go online and write a bad review, which can be devastating to the business concerned.

In our case, not just one or a few verbalized their satisfaction. Majority of our clients come back to us happy, contented and empowered by the railing designs we made.

How much will it cost me

Not all things can be equated and valued by money. For example, how can you quantify security or happiness?

When you see your loved ones safe and sound in your homes, it doesn’t matter how much you spent in keeping them that way.

When you see your porch looking sleek and grand with newly installed iron railings, you can’t translate to money the kind of satisfaction you feel in the process.

As a rule, never settle for cheap. More often than not, with cheap products, you are always compromising something, whether durability, workmanship, and aesthetics.

It may help you save up a few dollars but you can’t expect cheap to be in for the long haul.

Low-quality materials mean low resistance to normal wear and tear and shorter shelf life. Meaning, you have to replace it more often than when you chose the more durable but slightly expensive option.

We at ArtMetal are not saying that we are expensive and durable at the same time. What we’re highlighting is for people to invest in something of good quality because it usually means longer life and lesser maintenance.

Your home is where you will stay with your family for a long time. It is something permanent. It is, therefore, a good idea to invest in it. Make it more inviting. Make it safer. Make it a happy dwelling place where people love to be in and where they would feel safe.

We will help you achieve that. Call us today and we will be more than glad to sit down and discuss with you the details of your iron railings project.

We will be with you every step of the way so you can be assured of the kind of service we offer, and the level of value we put into your needs and your preferences. If you are still hesitant, you can go over what the satisfied customers say about us. Read their stories and find out how we can help you. customized iron railings

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