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Choose the Best Railings: Metal and Its Many Benefits

Railings are a vital part of a building’s décor as they are a necessary safety fixture. However, being such a major architectural feature,they also affect the style of the property. Therefore, you must consider both the appearance and practical value of the system when shopping for them. Metal railings are definitely the best choice due to their durability and cost efficiency.


Iron Railings: Cast Vs. Wrought Iron

The most popular type of a metal railing is iron, which comes in two options:

  • Wrought Iron Railings – they are extremely durable and need very little maintenance. They are fantastically beautiful and make any property look classy.
  • Cast Iron Railings – these are more brittle than wrought iron and would require more care. However, they are easily molded into any elaborate shapes, which makes them great for ornamental use.

Art Metal Workshop specializes in creating all kinds of metal railings and would be able to provide you with the perfect system that would meet your specific needs.

Metal Railings: Exterior and Interior Uses

Most people believe that iron railing in general, and wrought iron railing in particular, can be installed only outdoors. This definitely isn’t true as an elaborate wrought iron staircase railing with a decorative handrail can be a fantastic addition to any home. It can even be equipped with matching baby gates to ensure the safety of your children.

Metal railings for decks are extremely popular because they are durable and affordable. However, if you choose the style well, they can also enhance the curb appeal of the building as a whole. Iron porch railings and pool fences are the same.

Rod Iron Railings: Understand Your Privacy Needs

Railings, metal and otherwise, are rarely designed for privacy. If this is your main goal, you’ll need to choose panels with solid or perforated panels. You can study the Art Metal Workshop catalogue to pick the design you like or we can make a custom piece based on your own ideas.


Metal Railing: Choose Your Style


There are dozens of metal railings designs, but in the end they all boil down to two major styles:

  • Contemporary Iron Railings – they feature ‘clean’ straight or slightly curved lines and look well in any modern décor. Contemporary aluminum railings are particularly popular as they are corrosion-resistant and the material is easily malleable.
  • Wrought Iron Banister Railing – this is the type of railing used for elegant ornamental pieces. It’s the best choice for majestic, historical buildings. This railing can become the centerpiece of an overall design.

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