Glass Patio Railing Systems: Main Options and Materials Used

Before you plan to install railings on your patio, it’s important to think about all the details of the installation process, the maintenance and functionality of the materials, etc. If you want something innovative and light for your home, consider glass patio railing systems. They are relatively easy to install, the glass used is usually tempered, and this option doesn’t need much maintenance.

Materials Used for Glass Patio Railing

Talking about the glass used for railings, you may choose one of the two main material options:


Tempered glass railing.

Tempered glass is strong and durable, as it’s processed and strengthened before being sold.Even if it breaks under a tremendous amount of pressure, it will not harm you due to its granule-line structure. The panels of such a glass are usually pretty thick, so there’s no way it will break if you just lean on it. We at Art Metal Workshop recommend you to discuss the thickness of glass with the company you order the panels at.


There’s also an option to use special plexiglass for your glass patio railing. Such a material is created from acrylic plastic, which makes it highly resistant to extreme temperatures. This option is becoming more and more popular lately, so if you find the fact of using regular glass as your safety border, consider plexiglass.


As for the main options to use, there are two: framed and frameless glass railings. For the first type you will need additional materials:


A wooden frame for glass railings will look really unique, as these materials are used less often in common railing. Yet, you can use it to your advantage and create an innovative design for your patio with processed strong wood and tempered glass.


The most commonly used frame and hardware material for making glass patio railing safe is metal. You can choose aluminum, steel, wrought iron of their alloys to create a beautiful design for your framed railing. The metal parts are used in all types of glass railing, as it supports the construction and connects the panels.

To Sum Up

Glass railings give you lots of advantages: they don’t need much care, their safety is on a high level, and they don’t block the view. You can use railings manufactured from tempered glass or acrylic plexiglass, frameless or framed in metal or wood. If the installation is handled properly, this type of railings will become the best part of your patio. You will get both beautiful design and durability guaranteed by Art Metal Workshop and our lifetime warranty.

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