Glass Balcony Railings

Glass Balcony Railings: Transparency and Convenience

Glass is a relatively new option for balconies, yetit isbecoming more widely spread and highly popular. It makes a terrace, patio, balcony, etc. safe and doesn’t block a view. Besides that, glass balcony railings have a number of other benefits:

  • They are easy to install.
  • Glassis maintenance free.
  • There are no glass clamps necessary.
  • No corner posts are needed.
  • Glass balcony railings systems have reasonable prices.

Glass Railings for Balcony: The Sizes

The weight of the railings is extremely important when you plan an installation. The heavier your railings system is, the more support it needs. Glass is a good option here, as a simple balustrade made from 10mm thick clear toughened glass will weigh about 30 kg/m.

  • The span usually doesn’t go over 6 ft, as bigger spans may need a middle post to support the construction.Feel free to call us and consult our specialists regarding the best span for your balcony.
  • The height of glass balcony railings must not be lower than 42” if they are not extensions. This number was determined for all balcony railing constructions by the height code, which applies for Toronto as well.

What Kind of Glass Is Used for Balcony Panels?

Tempered glass is most often used for glass panels. It’s created by making normal glass undergo certain thermal and chemical treatments. The inner layers are put into tension, while the outer – into compression. As a result, the glass becomes more difficult to break, and even if it breaks, it’s not likely to harm a person. This is becausethe glass shatters intotiny granular chunks without sharp edges.

Types of Glass Railings for Balconies

There are two main types of glass balcony railings:

  • Framed railings
  • Frameless railings

The first type has glass panels framed in metal elements. The combination of glass and aluminum is the best, as it’s literally maintenance free. At Art Metal Workshop Inc. we can offer you a number of different types of frames and sizes of glass panels to choose from. Our experienced technicians are able to install them on any surface, from concrete to wood.

The second type is mostly used by people who want their balconies to look minimalistic and transparent. These panels are installed without frames, they are secured by supportive details fixed on the surface, and guarantee you the best view from the balcony.




Glass balcony railings will become a stylish and safe addition to your high-tech house with anastonishing city view. Both framed and frameless glass railings are gaining more popularity due to their qualities. If you want to learn more about toughened glass and how it can be used for your balcony, our specialist will be happy to provide you with all the details.

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