For over two decades, Art Metal Workshop has reigned as a leading contractor of driveway gates in Toronto Area, evolving from a specialized glass railing contractor to a master of all metal works. At Art Metal Workshop, we’re not just about creating barriers; we’re about forging entrances that enhance security and aesthetics alike, tailored precisely to each client’s needs.

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Leipzig Style Driveway Gate

From $2850+HST

Majestic Style Driveway Gates

From $2950+HST

Kiev Style Driveway Gates

From $3000+HST

Perforated Driveway Gates

From $3100+HST

Bologna Style Driveway Gates

From $3150+HST

Athenes Style Driveway Gates

From $3250+HST

How Much Does it Cost to Install Driveway Gates in Toronto?

The cost of installing a driveway gate in Toronto can start at $2850 per ramp (plus HST). The final cost may vary depending on factors such as size, design complexity, materials used, and the specific contractor you choose. We recommend you consult with local driveway gate specialists in Toronto to get a more accurate estimate based on specific requirements.

Fedor Ginga
Fedor Ginga
Art-Metal workshop always delivers great product. I've dealt with them on several occasions, and it was a blast every time , especially communication : always prompt responses , quick , easygoing , reliable. Special thanks to Iryna
John Callaghan
John Callaghan
We recently had a security door grill and window grill installed on our residence. They look fantastic and the quality is the very best. Very professional workman ship. All the staff were very helpful from order desk to installers. We are extremely pleased. Thank you ArtMetal Workshop
Niel Halbig
Niel Halbig
Great company to work with! Very professional team, on time and on budget.
Reece Tarek
Reece Tarek
Our General Contractor recommended Art-Metal Workshop for our project, and now we highly recommend them as well. They were responsive, easy to work with, and they provided some great options. They manufactured and installed a beautiful product for a reasonable price. Professional company and nice people to deal with. Thank you.
My new railings look beautiful. The workmanship is superb. The installation crew was friendly, very skilled and professional. I very much appreciated the crew’s installation of temporary railings when they needed to remove my old railings to use as a template for fabrication in the shop.
hooshang zadeh
hooshang zadeh
Great metal work and even more important was the great stuff that were nice, kind and very helpful.
Lauren M
Lauren M
We are very happy with our experience with Art Metal. They were very professional and responsive, they were able to accommodate our requests and offered great customization options, and we are very pleased with the final product.
Geoff Warren
Geoff Warren
Professional, communicative and a pleasure to deal with. Railings for our office look great! Thank you!
Genta Costa
Genta Costa
We were very pleased with the service received. The railings look stunning. Beside the quality of work, I wanted to acknowledge their customer service for being prompt and professional. We would highly recommend them!
Frank Tata
Frank Tata
I recently had a pleasure of working with art metal for the design and installation of my railings, and I must say, I am beyond impressed! From the initial consultation to the final installation, their team showcased professionalism and craftsmanship. Kudos to the entire team for a job well done!

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Art Metal Workshop has been at the forefront of crafting elegant and secure gates in Toronto for over 20 years, establishing itself as the area’s premier gate contractor. Our expertise spans a diverse range of styles, including wrought iron, steel, aluminum gates, and beyond, each underscored by our unwavering dedication to excellence. Whether you’re in need of a driveway gate for enhanced property security or a beautifully designed garden gate as a statement piece, our team offers top-notch service, including a lifetime warranty and a complimentary estimate.

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Why Choose Art Metal Driveway Gates?

Designed with precision and attention to detail, our gates not only serve as a physical barrier but also make a statement about your style and taste. Opt with Art Metal for unrivaled quality and to make your vision a reality. With expertise, customization options, and exceptional customer service, we are the trusted choice.

  • Over 12,000 iron work projects completed in the GTA.
  • Voted #1 on 2010-2024
  • 20 Years in business.
  • Featured on 3 home improvement TV shows.
  • Lifetime warranty, free estimate.

Driveway Gates Toronto

Wrought iron gates are a perfect solution for either residential or commercial use. They create unforgettable first impression of the house. Iron gates and fences perform the function of both security and high aesthetic value. Iron driveway gates and tiny wicket gates are able to turn your house into an impregnable castle. Forged gates are resistant to rust, water and hard wear and tear.

If you understand that entrance gates are a good solution for your exterior design, Art Metal Workshop Inc. will do everything possible to implement your wishes, delivering: metal gates, steel gates, iron gates and more!

Art Metal Workshop is a Toronto manufacturer of driveway gates, fence gates and security gates in Toronto area. We offer high quality metal elements at the most affordable prices.

Our entry gates and fences will enhance beauty, privacy and security of your home. Browse our gallery and choose any residential gates, wrought iron driveway gates, garden gates or fences you like, or send us a design of your own. Please, contact Art Metal Workshop by phone or email to get more detailed information about gates and fences in Toronto.


Driveway Gate

No matter what type of property you own, there is always going to be a way add value to it.

There are lots of different practical considerations to adding value to the property such as the cost, aesthetic value and obviously your taste.

Consider driveway estate gates. Let’s take a look at iron gates Toronto and find out what makes them a great addition to your home.

The Look of the Entrance Gate

The look of the wrought iron gate is imposing and aristocratic. There is something about the style of an iron gate that really lights up our imagination. You can probably recall several instances of seeing rod iron gates in the movies while growing up. There are also many Toronto residents who choose iron fence gates, due to the European charms.

In today’s world, great looking iron fences and gates are often associated with the look of an estate or mansion. There is an air of durability and class that few other wrought iron gates Toronto options can offer and this is precisely why metal gate is so favoured today.

Installing Iron Gates Toronto Yourself or Hiring a Professional for the Job?

You decided that you want wrought iron gates Toronto. Is installing ornamental gates yourself a good idea? That will depend on your experience as a DIY person, and whether you installed Toronto gates in the past. It will also depend upon whether or not the particular driveway gates Toronto you want to install are connected to a fence that encircles your entire property and whether that fence is brick, stone, metal or other material. The time and labour involved in installing security gates Toronto may not be something you want to deal with just to save some cash. If this is the option you’re going for then make sure to get good instructions on how to go about installing gates driveway.

If you want intercom system, sliding gates or security gates, then get the professionals for the job.

Cast Iron Gates as an Investment

Aside from the aesthetic enhancement that gates wrought iron offer, another consideration is privacy. If you have a dog in the yard or young children, then gates Toronto can help keep them on the property. The biggest factor to consider is the fact that with railings gates, a criminal could be deterred from choosing your house. The steel gate fences have serious quality to them

Finally, gates iron have a strong tendency to enhance property values and that makes them a smart investment for many property owners.

Some Reasons Why Metal Gates or Steel Gates Are the Best Choice for Driveways

For one thing, metal is going to hold up better than wood. While metal will rust over the course of many decades, you can do things to guard against that. Wood, on the other hand, is easily damaged and it can also catch fire under the right circumstances. If you live somewhere cold, like Canada, then metal gate is a good choice because it withstands temperature extremes even better than stone. When water gets into stone crevices and then freezes, it expands and this promotes cracking. Stone and metal last a similar length of time, but metal fence gates are certainly going to look better for longer.


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FAQs About Driveway Gates

What is the best type of driveway gate?

The best type of driveway gate often depends on your specific needs, including security, aesthetics, and budget. Automatic sliding gates are highly popular for their space-saving design and convenience, making them ideal for properties with limited space. Swing gates offer a traditional, elegant look and work well on properties with ample driveway space. Bi-folding gates are another great option for those seeking quick access and efficient use of space. Material-wise, wrought iron and aluminum are durable and offer a high-end look, while wood provides a classic and customizable option.

Are driveway gates a good idea?

Yes, driveway gates can be a good idea for several reasons. They enhance the security of your property by acting as a physical barrier and can be equipped with automatic openers and intercoms for added safety. Driveway gates also increase privacy, curb appeal, and potentially the property’s market value. However, it’s important to consider the initial installation and ongoing maintenance costs, as well as ensuring they meet any local zoning regulations.

Can I put gates on my driveway?

In most cases, yes, you can put gates on your driveway. However, it’s vital to first check any local zoning laws, regulations, or homeowners association rules that might apply to your property. You’ll also need to consider the type of gate that’s best suited to your driveway’s size and layout, as well as any required permits for construction or installation.

How big should a driveway gate be?

The size of a driveway gate should be based on the width of your driveway and the type of vehicles that need access. A single gate for residential properties typically ranges from 10 to 12 feet wide, which accommodates standard passenger vehicles. For wider driveways or to allow for larger vehicles like RVs, a dual gate design each 10 to 12 feet wide (totaling 20 to 24 feet) is recommended. Always allow extra room for clearance and consider the swing or slide radius needed for operation.

What is the cheapest gate option?

The cheapest gate option tends to be chain-link or vinyl gates. Chain-link gates offer basic security and durability at a low cost, making them suitable for both residential and commercial properties looking for a budget-friendly solution. Vinyl gates, while slightly more expensive than chain-link, offer better privacy and are low maintenance, not requiring painting or staining like wood gates.


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