Wrought Iron Railings For Stairs Interior

Interior Wrought Iron Railings for Stairs: History, Usage, and Maintenance

The type of wrought iron that was used for more than a century isn’t produced on a large scale now, even though it becomes more and more popular lately. Usually, different alloys with low carbon intake can be called wrought iron just because it’s a tradition.


Interior Wrought Iron Railings for Stairs: The History and Usage

Back in the Victorian times, interior wrought iron railings for stairs and other objects were used everywhere. They were shaped in different ornamental stair railings, with complex details and tiny curved elements.

Later on wrought iron was used in more simple designs, heading forward to contemporary stair railings and minimalistic ideas. Even though you may think of it as of a non-modern material because of its history, interior wrought iron railings for stairs actually look great in modern designs.

Interior metal stair railings are often combined with wooden elements, which adds elegance or simplicity to every home. Depending on the design of your house, we at Art Metal Workshop can offer you minimalistic wrought iron handrails for stairs or complex ornaments to use as balusters.

Maintaining Interior Wrought Iron Railings for Stairs

Wrought iron is usually vulnerable to rust and corrosion, as almost any other metal. Even though we put a special protective powder coat on our projects, they get old with time and start to corrode. If you see rust strains on the surface of the railing, it means that the protective layer has worn out and the paint starts to break down. You need to approach the repair properly to secure the metal construction.

Take care of the corroded parts of the railing with a sandpaper, chisel, or a brush, and scrub it off as soon as you find out about it. You need to get rid of all the corrosion not worrying about the protective layer or paint, as it will have to be renewed anyways. Don’t put any coats onto the rust, as it will not be covered for long, breaking down the metal from the inside. Make sure the surface is clean and only then put on protective coats and paint that are adapted for usage on metal constructions.


The popularity of interior wrought iron railings for stairs keeps up due to the qualities of the material and the design range it can offer. From the Victorian era till the 21st century, it’s still used to secure houses and make them look elegant. If you order your railings at Art Metal Workshop, we will provide you with the best design options and high-quality wrought iron.


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