Metal Railings For Stairs

Metal Railings for Stairs: Why and Where to Install

Every building that has a staircase needs a guarding system so any person can walk up and down safely. Metal railings for stairs are so far the most popular option for such a guarding, as metals are usually flexible in designs, durable, and convenient to use. There are plenty of metals used for stair railings: stainless steel, aluminum, wrought or cast iron, etc. All of them have different qualities that suffice for different conditions and needs.


Metal Railings for Stairs: Interior Usage

One of the “conditions and needs” factors is whether you want your metal railings for stairs outside or inside the building. Interior stair railing includes decorative metal handrails for stairs, guarding sections between floors, etc. For such railings most people order lightweight constructions: if it’s metal, they often order often aluminum; if it’s not, people use wood, vinyl, or glass.

One of the priorities is also the design correlation, as a good set of metal railings for stairs has to match in color and design to the rest of the interior. Exterior metal stair railings don’t require so much correlation with the indoor design, which makes the task easier.

Metal Railings for Stairs: Exterior Usage

There are more options to use metal stair handrails and railing constructions outside the house. You need to secure your entry, deck, patio, terrace, porch, etc. Our technicians at Art Metal Workshop constructing and installing railings for all these objects say the base for all of them if one: high-quality materials.

For example, exterior metal stair railings for porch will serve you well only if they are made from high-quality metal alloys. They need to be weather resistant, as we all know the turns the Toronto weather can have. They need to withstand a great amount of pressure, and to be easy to take care of.

In order to provide you with all that, we put protective coats on our constructions, so they become rust and weather resistant. Porch railings for stairs have to be able to make it safe to enter the area, and beautiful to look at. Most often, it’s the first thing you and your visitors see when entering your yard.

Summing Up

The answer to why install metal railings for stairs is because any interior and exterior constructions with stairs need protection from falling hazards. And the answer to “where” is inside or outside of your house: entry, deck, porch, sections between floors, etc. Apply for a free estimate from Art Metal Workshop, and our technicians will tell you more about the possibilities of stair railings.


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