Metal Stair Railings Exterior

Exterior Metal Stair Railings: Material Variants and DIY Ideas

Exterior metal stair railings give a strong and safe look to your outdoors if ahigh-quality material is used. There are many other options available nowadays, starting with classic wood and finishing with innovative glass, cable, and rope. But metal is still present in all of them, as brackets, fasteners, and other supportive materials are usually metal. This has to tell us something about using iron for making safety constructions.


Types of Exterior Metal Stair Railings According to Material

  • Wrought iron for traditions.
    Designs from wrought iron don’t lose their popularity for far more than a century. The material is relatively easily shaped, which is a huge plus when you have a beautiful ornamental design in mind. Rust isn’t a big trouble for this type of metal now, as we at Art Metal Workshop powder coat our railings for rust resistance.
  • Stainless steel for modernity.
    Being a steel and chromium alloy, this metal railing option will become the best if you want a clean contemporary look for your exterior metal stair railings. It’s corrosion and rust resistant, which makes it a low maintenance material, which is a great addition.
  • Aluminum for affordability.
    Aluminum outdoor railings and handrails aren’t weak anymore due to the usage of different alloys. The material resists rust and doesn’t need much care; it’s also lightweight, which makes the installation process easier. Aluminum is the most affordable material, which is another reason people use it.
  • Copper for luxury.
    Copper railings for outdoor stairs are quite an unusual option that is also more expensive. The color range is warm and changing with time, which makes the material popular among richer houses. It also has natural anti-bacterial qualities, which adds up to the whole picture.

DIY Options for Exterior Metal Stair Railings

There ae two alternatives: ordering a DIY kit or making the outdoor railings and even treads from scratch. The first usually gives you more freedom in terms of design, while the second one needs some special tools to be handled right.

The easiest way is to use pipes to make your own exterior metal stair railing. In this case, both handrails and balusters are made from metal pipes, with special holes on the latter which the handrail fits into. You can play with colors and finishes here to make the construction more unique and modern.


Exterior metal stair railings can be made from different materials, depending on your taste and needs. DIY options are also available, but you need some skills to handle the installation right. For the best result, order construction and installation at Art Metal Workshop!


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