Wrought Iron Stair Railing Exterior

Exterior Wrought Iron Stair Railings and Handrails: Pros and Cons

Wrought iron is a classic type of metal that was first used hundreds of years ago for different types of railings. Of course, it’s not the same literally wrought iron that was used then, but the tradition of using metal for safety enhancing flows deep into ages.

Exterior wrought iron stair railings are made from the metal that contains just a tiny bit of carbon, which makes it the strongest option. That’s why it’s the most popular material for outdoor fencing, gates, stair railing, etc. Of course, as any other material, wrought iron has its advantages and disadvantages.


Benefits and Drawbacks of Exterior Wrought Iron Stair Railings


  • Pressure resistance.
    Due to the strength of the material, exterior wrought iron stair railings can withstand high pressure. According to our Art Metal Workshop technicians, you are totally safe with such railings if the installation is handled properly.
  • Exterior wrought iron stair railings will serve you for an extremely long time, as this type of metal doesn’t contain lots of carbon. You will need to do minor repairs if some serious mechanic damage is done, but in general, such constructions stay strong for ages.
  • This may sound paradoxical, but strong and durable wrought iron is pretty ductile, which allows it to be shaped in any ornament you want. This adds a great plus to its reputation, as you can order almost any wrought iron staircase design.


  • Rust vulnerability.
    Like for most outdoor stair railings, damage done by the weather conditions of Toronto makes exterior wrought iron stair railings vulnerable to rust. Fortunately, it can be partially fixed by our experts at Art Metal Workshop, as they can put a special protective layer on the construction.
  • Due to all the advantages of exterior wrought iron stair railings and handrails, the price of such constructions exceeds other options. Besides, this metal is very heavy, so more work is needed to install a good set of wrought iron railings, which requires more money.

Are Exterior Wrought Iron Stair Railings the Best?

They are, in certain cases, like when your main priority is the durability and protection of the metal. If you have other priorities to think of, like affordability or light weight, you may consider other metals. You need to choose the right option according to your needs, and only like that you will get the best railing set. Exterior wrought iron railings are a traditional durable variant that will fit almost any home. So if you want a beautifully designed and professionally installed outdoor wrought iron railing set, use our services.


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