Stair Railing Interior

Tips on Making Your Interior Stair Railings Look Contemporary

Interior stair railings are a valuable part of your home, as it helps create the right atmosphere and provide you with safety while you go up and down the stairs. Your home may have changed since you first installed the railing system, so it’s probably time to upgrade it.

  • Recommendations and Ideas on Renewing Interior Stair Railings
  • Consider different materials.
    If you used to have wooden interior stair railings, try using metal or glass. Minimalistic metal railings for stairs can give your home a cooler modern feeling. Glass panels will make the room lighter and more transparent, which is also in trend.
  • Change balusters.
    Interior railing systems’ look often depends on the design of balusters. So if you want your rails to look contemporary, think of using adifferent style of balusters. Anything simple and minimalistic will suffice if you order at Art Metal Workshop, as we can give simplicity a modern look.
  • Combine materials.
    Modern fashion is all about combining things you wouldn’t usually combine. Try decorating glass panels with wooden elements or install an ornamental handrail on an unframed glass railing system. You can think of anything else you would like to try to emphasize the uniqueness of your home.
  • Think of cable.
  • Interior stair railings system made with cable instead of common balusters will be the best minimalistic option for some houses. If you want the lightest option or glass staircase railing look too transparent to you, cable systems will work just fine.
  • Play with colors.
    If your home design is colorful, try to choose the colors that would match the pattern. According to our Art Metal Workshop technicians, metal can be easily painted without any damage to their protective layer.
  • Play with handrail forms.
    There are thousands of contemporary ideas for handrails you can use to give your home a modern touch. This can be a continuation of a baluster or panel system, a “hanging from the wall” type of handrail, or glowing rail cap – anything you can think of. The main thing is that the rail has to be comfortably graspable.

To Sum Up

You can think of many modern railing ideas for interior stair railings when you switch on your fantasy. Most things are implementable if you order at our company – we will adapt your idea to the railing code. Make sure your idea correlates with the design of the rest of your home interior and don’t hesitate to try unusual things. Add color and light to the plan, and you will give a simple railing system a new look!


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