Wrought Iron Staircase Designs

Wrought Iron Staircase Designs: Fresh Ideas for Any Home

Wrought iron is probably a universal material for any railing constructions inside or outside the house. Wrought iron staircase designs are no exclusion, as you are free to think of anything in terms of design ideas until you’re within the code standards for Toronto. Exterior and interior metal stair railings can be made into real masterpieces, without any losses to the functionality, if you approach the design properly.


Unique Ideas for Wrought Iron Staircase Designs

  • Inspired by nature.
    How about turning metal into something organic? As wrought iron is malleable and can be shaped into different forms, you can order tree-like ornaments. You will decorate your house with such a railing system even more by painting the leaves or branches in gold or silver.
  • Spiral labyrinth.
    Instead of simple balusters, add spiral ornaments to your wrought iron staircase ideas. The curves will draw your visitors’ attention and help you make the stair railing look really unique. Make sure there’s not more than 4’’ between the spiral circles – this will make the construction totally safe.
  • Contemporary minimalism.
    Modern stair railings are all about neat straight lines with only a bit of curve. You can include this idea to one of your wrought iron staircase designs. Order minimalistic balusters at Art Metal Workshop, and we will make them look contemporary.
  • A bit of both.
    You can mix different spindles design ideas to create your own unique railing design. Start with simple straight balusters and add curves while the stairs go up – such a gradient will become a great addition to your home’s interior design.
  • Play with lights.
    As an addition to any of your wrought iron staircase designs, you can make some special lighting. Place the lights near every spindle, and the stairs will always be visible, even at night. They will also look a bit magical, which will add only benefits to your design.
  • Mix materials.
    Wrought iron staircase designs look winning with additions from other materials. Add some glass decoration or panels for a more transparent look, or add wooden framing to make the metal look more contrasting.

To Sum Up

Wrought iron staircase designs can help you implement any dreams you have ever had about your stairs. Starting with straight modern designs and going forward with curves, spirals, and lights for something breathtaking – everything is possible with this durable and malleable metal. We at Art Metal Workshop will make your design look fantastic and serve you for long with our high-quality protective powder coating that will secure the construction from rust.


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