Interior Railings Modern

A Guide to Interior Railings: Modern Designs and Materials

Interior railings, modern or otherwise, are a necessity for many homes, and definitely each building that has more than one level. However, today you can find fixtures so beautiful, that you might want to install them even if thereisn’t any specific reason for this.If contemporary is the style you need, you can find a great number of options that look airy and light, yet are durable and sturdy.


Contemporary Stair Railings Interior: Best Options to Choose

Among the many interior railing options available today, metal and glass are definitely the most fitting choices for a modern interior. Contemporary architecture is extremely popular in Toronto today, and we at Art Metal Workshop offer a wide range of interior stair railings in this style.

Aluminum goes particularly well for these systems, as it’s lightweight but very durable and requires no maintenance. It can be painted any colour to enhance your décor further.

Glass railing designs also look fantastic in a contemporary home. In fact, even the simplest glass panels with a metal frame add a futuristic look to any room. They also have the advantage of being able to make the indoor space seem bigger. Glass stair railings are one of the safest options for homes with children and pets as they offer a higher level of protection than a metal construction with widely spaced bars. Install tempered glass panels to get the highest level of safety.

Modern Metal Stair Railings: Interior Design in Toronto

Modern interior design is a style that advocates the simplicity of forms. This is an advantage for you as a buyer as simple constructions are usually more affordable as compared to ornate wrought iron railings.

You can find inspiration for fantastic railings in our catalogue that features dozens of pictures or have the experienced Art Metal Workshop professionals help you develop a custom design. The benefit of the latter is that you can create a railing that would be perfect for your unique home. Custom options are the way to go if you need a construction in non-standard sizes.

Sustainability is another important factor to consider when choosing contemporary interior railing as everyone should be environmentally conscious today. From this point of view, metal is definitely a better choice than wood and plastic. Glass is also a very eco-savvy option, which is a favourite of modern architects. You can see this yourself looking at any modern Toronto interior, in a restaurant, office building, mall, or a design magazine. Every contemporary room features ample amounts of glass and some metal to frame it.

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