Patio Railing

Deck and Patio Railings: Their Difference and the Materials Used

Railings are installed to make an elevated construction safe by becoming a border between the balcony, deck, etc. and the exterior area. Patio railings are used more as a privacy screen, showing it’s your area and it’s secured. As patios are usually situated on the ground, therailing is an optional element, but most citizens of Toronto still order them to finish their patios.


Deck and Patio Railings: The Difference

A patio is a courtyard without walls, which can be attached to or detached from the house. These constructions are usually built on the ground level, that’s why officially they don’t need security railings. However, if you decide to install a glass patio railing system, you have a wide range of design and material options. Basic security requirements have to be met, though: the railing shouldn’t have gaps where a kid’s head can get stuck, the construction has to be hard to climb, etc.

Railing systems are mandatory in case you build a deck, as it’s usually elevated, opening a view from the second floor, for example. Modern deck railings can be constructed from a wide range of materials, but as for designs, the safety requirements are stricter here.

Materials Used for Deck and Patio Railings

  • Wood is probably the oldest and the most classic material for railings of any type. Nowadays, the wood used is usually pressure treated, which makes it more weather resistant and strong. Designs can vary in color and finish put on wooden elements before installing.
  • Railings created from metal are considered the strongest, as metallic constructions are hard to break and get hurt by. The options include low-maintenance aluminum, stainless steel, wrought iron, etc. Our technicians at Art Metal Workshop put a special powder coat on every rail to increase its weather and rust resistance qualities.
  • Glass patio railings are the best no maintenance variant if you have a beautiful view to preserve. The design range of glass railings is immense, including blurred or frosted, colored, and deformed glass. The panels can be framed in metal or wood, or have glass handrails to finish a transparent look.

To Sum Up

Patio railings are optional, but if you are thinking of installing them, you have a wide range of materials and designs to choose. Whether your main goal is privacy or security, you can choose metal, wood, or glass railings of your liking. We at Art Metal Workshop will provide you with a free estimate and a lifetime warranty on any metal or glass construction.


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