Porch Railing Designs

Front Porch Railing Designs: Ideas, Details, and Types

It’s obvious one can get lost in the wide range of porch railing designs available on the market. You can use one of the ideas given by professional designers or create your own to fit your unique house. Many variants of traditional, modern, minimalistic, baroque, Victorian, and other styles are available for you to choose from. You can combine two different ideas or materials to create a new porch railing design that will be safe and beautiful.


Front Porch Railing Designs: Key Suggestions

The exterior of your house is the first thing your visitors see, so your front porch railing design has to be on point to impress your guests. The main recommendation from our Art Metal experts is that you should order railings that will fit your house’s design. Choose a color that will fit, as well asmaterial for porch railing that is suitable for the tone of your living place.

Bungalow Porch Designs

Designs also vary according to the type of building you have the porch attached to. The most natural porches are usually attached to bungalows that often look traditional. Bungalow porch railing designs are also traditional, varying in the level of monumentality the balusters and railings have according to the design of the building.

Design ideas for bungalow porches usually correlate with the look of the building. If it’s painted in a light color and looks homey, the porch can be railedwith wooden thin balusters and additional planters for flowers. If the bungalow isn’t painted and exposes the natural woodenpatterns, railings from the same wood will suffice. Our technicians at Art Metal Workshop have also made wrought iron railings for such bungalows, and this option also looks amazing.

Porch Step Railing Designs as the Most Important Addition

Pay attention to details such as the porch step railing, as it’s an important part of the porch itself. The railing of the porch is optional, but steps have to be railed for your convenience and safety control. In Toronto people usually use the same look for steps as for porch railing designs, but you can alsochange the pattern to add some uniqueness. Try combining wood and iron for your stairs, or creating a metal porch with glass railings for the stairs.




There are hundreds of designs to fit your taste and to make your porch look natural. The main key to a successful design is that the porch style correlates with the overall look of the house. You can order railing systems from concrete, iron, wood, glass, or the combination of those at our company.

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