Exterior Stair Handrail Code: Basic Guidelines

Handrails are not merely a decorative element of stairs. In fact, their main purpose is to provide support and balance to the walkers, reducing the risk of accidents. The exterior stair handrail code lists the requirements for these constructions that must be met in order to ensure the highest level of safety.


Deck Stair Railing Height: Ontario Code

The deck stair handrail code accepted in Toronto, Ontario stipulates that the height of handrail is determined by the height of stairs:

  • Less than 3 risers – no handrail required
  • Over 3 risers – 31’’ to 38’’
  • Landing less than 5’-11’’ – 31’’ to 42’’
  • Landing over 5’-11’’ – 31’’ to 42’’

When you employ our deck stair railing construction service, we advise going with a 42’’ handrail to ensure maximum safety.

Other measurements that fall under the specialized exterior stair handrail requirements include:

  • Length – handrails must extend along the whole length of the stairs and at least 12’’ beyond the top and bottom riser.
  • Number of handrails – a flight of stairs with more than 4 risers must have a handrail on one side at the least.

The code also requires that every section of a stair must be within 30’’ of a handrail. Therefore, you’ll need to install intermediate handrails for wide stairs.

Deck Stair Railing Code Requirements: Safety

The main purpose of the exterior stair handrail code is to make your stairs as safe as possible. To this end, it also includes the following requirements:

  • All handrails must be equipped with returns and safety stops at the end of each piece.
  • The maximum width of a handrail must be 1 ¼’-2’ to ensure a firm and easy grip.
  • A handrail must be located at least 1 ½’ away from the wall or any other object to prevent the walker losing their grip.

Exterior Stair Railing Installation by Professionals

The exterior stair railing height code isn’t the only important set of rules that must be followed during installation in order to ensure that the construction as a whole is stable. As it’s your and your family’s safety on the line, you should always employ experienced professionals, like Art Metal Workshop, to do this job for you.

Please note that there is a similar Toronto interior railing height code that you’ll need to look up if you want to install custom stairs inside your home.

Exterior Stair Railings Construction in Toronto

Ornate and original railings designs can turn your stairs into a work of art, enhancing both the beauty and value of your home. Let your imagination run wild when designing this construction, but always follow the safety code.