Why Stainless Steel Handrail Is the Best Choice in Toronto

A stainless steel handrail is a perfect balance of quality and cost. It’s durable, can withstand any environment, and looks fantastic. Today, you can find these pieces in any colours and designs. For example, you can easily get beautiful black steel handrails to make stylish accents in an indoor interior. Or, you can choose stainless steel cable handrails to make your deck look modern and stylish. However, no matter what design you like, don’t forget that for a handrail, stainless steel is always the best material.

Choosing the Best Handrail: Stainless Steel Types

There are several types (grades) of stainless steel that you can choose from today. We will be happy to help you pick what’s right for your property. The most popular options for handrails are the 304 and 316 grades.

The 304-grade is durable and corrosion-resistant. But it’s not completely invulnerable to the elemental damage. Note that 304-grade stainless steel can corrode in salty and chlorinated environments. Therefore, it’s not the right option for either indoor or outdoor pool handrail.

The 316-grade is the best for exterior steel handrails in Toronto. It’s a bit more expensive, but with Canadian weather, that’s the most cost-efficient option.

Tips for Choosing the Best Steel Handrail Design

Bear in mind that to pick the best stainless steel handrail, you must consider not only its looks but safety as well. The most important thing is to ensure a secure grip. This means, for example, that your stainless steel handrail tube mustn’t be too big in diameter. If you want to install a stainless steel cable handrail, make sure that it’s easy and comfortable to grip.

Various stainless steel handrail end cups, fittings, and various handrail hardware will also affect the safety of the system. Choose them wisely, especially if you have kids in the house. For public buildings, it’s usually best to use some simple handrail design, like modular and tubular systems.

Stylish & Affordable Stainless Steel Handrail System from Art Metal Workshop

At Art Metal Workshop, we seek to provide our clients with the most reliable, durable, and beautiful stainless steel handrailing. Our selection of handrail parts, from posts to hardware to ornaments is extremely wide. Therefore, everyone can find something to create their own perfect steel handrails designs.

A high-quality stainless steel handrail system can last for well over a decade. Installing this piece is going to add value to the property and boost its curb appeal. Never forget that you should always use the highest-grade stainless steel handrails outdoors. Only this type of steel can withstand the weather of Toronto.