Aluminum Guardrail Railings

Our aluminum guardrails are rigorously tested and pre­assembled to fid your guardrail needs.

We strive towards perfection and are constantly searching for different ways to help improve our products’ appearance, structure, and durability.

When you are looking to secure areas with guardrails such as public walkways, bridges, highways, platforms and the like, you need to use heavy­duty materials which are not only reliable, but also corrosion­resistant to ensure many years of use while keeping within the strict safety requirements.


Our team of experts work together to ensure our aluminum guardrails last long. All products are put under rigorous tests to ensure they can survive everyday use. It is not uncommon to see guardrails close to the sea, however, if not protected properly, the guardrails will deteriorate quickly, making them unsafe. Our guardrail products are tested for hundreds of hours against salt­spray exposure to protect against rust and corrosion. Our guarantee is that our aluminum guardrails require little to no maintenance. They are strong, but at the same flexible in the sense that when our experts install them, they can easily be modified and altered if need be.

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