Aluminum Fence Gates

Are you looking for high quality aluminum fence gates that are going to stand the test of time?

We use nothing but high quality tested materials to ensure you get the highest quality fence gates whether it be for residential or for light commercial purposes.

Art Metal Workshop aluminum fence gates have remarkable strength and durability and will withstand any environment and weather conditions.

With a distinct classic wrought­-iron look, Art Metal Workshop’s aluminum fences are beautifully designed unlike contemporary designs that boast unsightly rivets and screws. All our designs are tested under a number of extreme conditions, including to salt spray to ensure they are 100% rust and corrosion free. Our satisfied customers return knowing our quality. Once installed little else is needed as these aluminum fences require little maintenance. Easy to clean with a damp cloth, you will be able to enjoy their beauty without having to do too much work.


Fortified From Within

What makes our fences safe and durable is that they are all internally reinforced, giving them twice the amount of strength in comparison to standard aluminum fence gates, meaning they will stand the test of time, and once they are installed by one of our experienced team members, you will be able to enjoy them for life.

Our aluminum fencing comes in a range of styles, designs, heights, and even colors to complement your property and its environment ­ our railings will never look out of place! Contact us today and have a friendly chat with one of our experienced installers to see how you and your property could benefit from decorative ABC aluminum fencing.

Colonial Aluminum Fence

Step back to colonial times with this ornate colonial­style aluminum fence. If you are looking for a classic look, but do not want to invest in wrought iron fencing which requires constant maintenance, this is the ideal fencing answer. Our aluminum colonial fences are very low-maintenance, requiring little to no work apart from the odd wipe down with a damp cloth to remove settled dust. This beautiful fence will finish off a look and complement any home and yard while adding value to your property. With a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that your new colonial style fence from aluminum will prove to be a sound investment.

Aluminum Decorative Picket Fence

There is nothing like a picket fence to finish off a yard. Classic in style and pleasing to look at, it is no wonder that so many people across the globe opt to build picket fences in their yards. The traditional picket fence made from wood is sufficient in the first year, but as time goes by the wood loses its quality and slowly begins to deteriorate, which is why so many people these days are coming to use and asking for our aluminum picket fences. Thanks to weather and solar treatment, our aluminum picket fences require no maintenance and you can still enjoy the look of a traditional picket fence without the extra work and upkeep.

Curved Aluminum Fence

Not all areas require standard fencing, however, despite the need for a curved aluminum fences very few aluminum railing companies specialize in them. We offer ornate custom curved aluminum fences that add the perfect final touch to a yard area. Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly advisers who will put you in contact with the design and engineer team.


Aluminum Ornamental Fence


If you wish to have an ornamental fence that has the same appearance as the classic-­style of wrought iron fences, our aluminum ornamental fences will do the job. Art Metal Workshop offers an impressive array of ornamental aluminum fences in a number of different styles to perfectly complement your property. Our high­quality aluminum fences require little to no upkeep and are perfect for residential and commercial properties. Choose the posts to fit your tastes and even request a certain color ­ we have it all!

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